The dB's / Press

“With "Falling Off the Sky," the first album from the original lineup in 30 years, due out June 12, the group stacked the first of its six SXSW performances with a preview of new material such as "That Time is Gone," "Before We Were Born" and "I Didn't Mean to Say That," all showing that the dB's ace pop melodicism and harmonic sensibility hasn't been affected by the break. And the older favorites - including "Happenstance" and "Neverland" - sounded as fresh as they did during the 80s. It was the return of an old friend whose sound hasn't aged a bit.”

“The forthcoming Falling Off the Sky finds the reunited dBs sounding as compelling as ever, with the same easy rapport and deft songcraft that characterized the band’s earlier output.”

“My one true highlight Friday night was a show by the reunited power-pop legends the dB’s at a tiny club called BD Riley’s. Giants in that genre, the band put out two undisputed masterpieces—Stands for Decibels in 1981 and Repercussion in 1982...every bit as strong as the classics were the new tunes from Falling Off the Sky, which will be released in June.”