The Days Remain / Press

“The Days Remain blew me away at the show Hooper's Tavern damn ya'll are amazzzzzing. Can I get a CD plzzzzzzzzz Can't wait to see you all perform again.”

Barbie Bell - Fan

“At midnight the final band of the evening set up their gear. From Salisbury, North Carolina, The Days Remain brought all the fans who had went outside to catch a quick smoke running back inside as bassist Brad Tucker played the opening chords of the set. Opening with “Complicate,” followed by a song with a title that will make anyone smile “Junk in the Trunk” was probably my favorite song of the set. All too soon, The Days Remains eight-song set was coming to an end. Playing the final song of the night, titled “Scream,” The Days Remain thanked everyone for coming out to The Somewhere Else Tavern, for tipping the bartender Sonni, who had indeed been working non stop since the beginning of the show, and most of all, for supporting local music”

“EERRRMMEEERRRRGEEERRRD! These guys are awesome!”

Joose Loosely - Made Up `Zine