The Dawn Chose Orion / Press

"Imagine a hybrid of 2 of music's most intense avatars—death metal and trance. Now that you've envisioned it, believe it, because it's a real genre, sub-genre or whatever music nerds want to call it. And it's called trance metal... In case you're interested in giving it a listen, try bands like The Dawn Chose Orion, who were the first to start incorporating techno and trance beats into the atmospheric elements of their music.

“Colorado based Metal band, The Dawn Chose Orion, based their sound on infectious guitar rhythms and relentlessly aggressive vocals. The band has shared the stage with a number of great acts and collected a number of endorsements in their short career. The building blocks are there for the band to find success.”

“The Dawn Chose Orion creates an epic atmosphere as their heavy riffs collide with surreal trance elements, and aggressive vocals! Their music is deliberate, well written, and they put a huge amount of effort into their stage presence!”

“I have not seen a band that can create such a unique sound which includes so much different styles. The Dawn Chose Orion brings together various genres of metal and melds them to perfection. It is not often, or possibly at all, you can go from a hardcore breakdown into a trance influenced break, or from power metal style sweep picking to some progressive keyboard noodling. This band deserves more than they receive and have perfected their craft beyond belief.”

"Drawing from progressive elements of bands like Coheed and Cambria as well as the electronic sounds of groups like Shiny Toy Guns and fusing it with a heavy sound reminiscent of As Blood Runs Black, they have created their own unique niche in the local scene. All this with thought-provoking lyrics as well!...Give them a moment of your time because they definitely deserve it!"

“Prog metal demands skillful musicianship, and The Dawn Chose Orion delivers. Since the release of their EP The Resistance in 2009, they have continued to impress audiences all around the Denver metro area with their intense live sets and captivating sci-fi storyline. Their overall sound is a distinctive and memorable one, with enough range and color for any prog fan.”