Darby Warren Project / Press

"I love ’em. I had them play for my first Art Walk last October, and they’ve developed so much,” Burns said. “They’ve got a really interesting sound; they’re just really original.”- Fallon Burns, Downtown City Manager ; Kilgore, Texas

““It’s amazing no one is having him write for them,” he said. “Darby is such a talent, really awesome.” - Clark Langley, bass player for DWP His wife said, "it’s a sound the public seems to love, but can’t quite categorize. “When I’m promoting it, I call it rock-a-billy,” she said. “I’ve been told over and over he has an Austin sound, whatever that is. Some songs really lean toward country or rock or blues or bluegrass or even jazz. Some songs seem to be a mesh of some of it; some seem to be a mesh of all of it. I’m telling ya, he has his own sound." - Suzanne Warren "“I really love early Elvis,” Darby Warren said. “The trio, you know, with the stand up bass. I do a little stand up bass, but again, I can’t very well do that while singing vocals and doing guitar.” - Darby Warren”

“Warren, a Henderson native, formed the band in 2010 with David McElhany on acoustic guitar and vocals and Clark Langley on standup bass, electric bass, trumpet and vocals. Warren writes the group’s music, plays rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, electric bass, slide, harp and is lead vocalist. “They’re a group of guys who have loved music and got this group together,” Brewer said. Their music is “just different. It’s kind of edgy. It’s kind of a blend that I think caters to everybody ”