The Dan DeChellis Trio / Press

““24 Hour Intervals”, the first tune on Dan DeChellis’s new CD, Strength and Anger. I love this tune because, as it expresses the fragility of life, it also expresses how “the new day” doesn’t bring anything new but shoves your face again in what night and sleep mercifully removed. It has become the Official Soundtrack of Easton’s West Ward…As much as you hear Prokofiev, Satie, Cage and Ives in how DeChellis voices his chords, you also hear Keith Emerson and Donald Fagen, and as you listen to him you get a picture of a musical Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a piano player with a “photographic ear”: he has only to hear it once and he never forgets it. (Me, I’m tone deaf, but I do have a photogenic mind. . .) What struck me is how DeChellis seems to tuck his grand piano under his arm and play it like a guitar and give a clinic on chord melody. –You don’t need me to tell you he can play the legs off a piano.”

"My Age of Anxiety" www.Allaboutjazz.com The Dan DeChellis Trio "The appeal of My Age of Anxiety grows with repeated listening; there is a quiet power in DeChellis' journey. The music has an open and, at times, free feeling that invites translation. My Age of Anxiety is an effectual and moving collection that deserves to bring wider recognition to this accomplished artist."