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"Cyndi Dawson is a star fast in the making. Her teaming with guitarist Henry Seiz is both agreeable and sonically intriguing. The rhythm section of Anne Husick and Robert Stockl are also smart editions to a tremendous rock and roll record. Special notice goes out to Peppy Castro of The Blues Magoos who also plays bass on the disc."

“CBS Radio in St. Louis, Overnight America with Jon Grayson and Rob Ross discussing The Who, The Cynz and more! Second podcast down- Minutes 8-11 for The Cynz http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2015/06/02/overnight-america-podcast-june-2nd-2015-richard-bloom-rob-ross-marc-rosenker/”

“The Cynz are without a doubt one of THE hardest working bands around right now in the New York area. They are an endless supply of energy and rock and roll thunder. They release single tracks on a regular basis and play – it seems – every week. And now they’ve released a new single and video which takes them into a new stratosphere of melody and pop precision. “Right To Your Grave”, which was produced by Peppy Castro of the legendary Blues Magoos, is one of The Cynz’ finest hours, of which there are many more to come. This is an exercise of power pop structure, dynamic guitar figures and the powerfully emotional (and at times, gut wrenching) vocals of lead singer Cyndi Dawson. Harmonies abound and the haunting chord patterns make this an instant classic in my mind. But here – listen and watch for yourselves. The Cynz, as I’ve said before, have it. And you can see it and hear it. Now. https://www.reverbnation.com/thecynz”

“This bare-bones meat-and-potatoes rock is a refreshing change; a remembrance really, of days when this kind of stripped down sound ruled the streets of the city. Dawson and crew worship at the church of rock ‘n’ roll, and with this musical miracle, they’ll be lots of conversions when the masses hear this fine offering.”

“ Massive and multifaceted comes " Miles between" which Amanda Palmer and The Dresden Dolls-lovers might find similarities, because the song reminds initially striking to those fans of them both. But here, the band manages to quickly and easily resolve from any comparisons. " Rather be me "sets the crisp line under" Five Mortal Cynz ", which also shines with rich reefs and crystal clear guitar work. Conclusion: Who is in search of timeless punk rock with some color, and is disappointed by the overblown and less surprising punk Rock'n'Roll today? This 5-track EP is new food for the appetite for more! (Alex Melomane)”

“Cyndi Dawson, of The Cynz, is a little dynamo pistol that delivers a shot like a cannon ball. Not only is Cyndi the lead singer for the band, she leads the band, writes the lyrics, and contributes to the orchestration of the music. The Cynz are a Rock-n-Roll band out of NYC fully embodying that classic NYC sound with a healthy dose of a Post-Pop-Punk twist. Cyndi has developed a band that is as unique as her talents and story. Cyndi delivers sassy edge lyrics wrapped in sexy vocal tones that are a bit reminiscent of Cheri Currie from the Runaways, yet her lyrics and performance exhibit so much more depth and personal passion. Cyndi is a master of words from a lifetime of writing poetry. Now for the first time we get to hear her sing on her latest CD, The Original Cynz. You can hear the mastery of her word skills in such songs as “Evolution” and “Dead End Road.” We can hear the wanting in her voice as she sings her words in “I Want Your Kiss” and “Quick Fix Man.””

"A very warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to rock journalist and columnist Frank Gutch, Jr for this very special mention in his column today!! "Good friend and musician Gary Heffern is always tossing things my way hoping I will take note of the music he finds. He did me a real favor last week by turning me onto The Cynz, a relatively new band featuring poet/vocalist Cyndi Dawson and guitarist/vocalist (and maybe poet, too) Henry Seiz. Here, they handle a really tough subject, abuse, with real class. The music is straight out of the late sixties with guitar jangle and We Five-type harmonies along with a talking message worth spreading. I’m betting there will be lots more from these guys we all are going to want to hear….. Hot damn!" https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4582995818188

“The Cynz are a must see band. They band is dripping in power rock...think The Cult mixed in with Chris Spedding and you get the idea. Cyndi Dawson appears to be the leader of the band...but don't expect Deborah Harry.Not only is Cyndi prettier;but you also get her natural sexuality oozing from the stage.She is no ice queen.The band takes you on a journey of kick ass rolling thunder. The bands music is tight power chords,strong rhythm section and a fantastic lead guitarist. Cyndi's vocals are strong deliberate that cut through the instruments beautifully sometimes very poetically and succinctly. There is no question the bands' sound has a tough edge to it where it becomes infectious rock and roll. The band are seasoned professionals with Cyndi's natural beauty and stage presence they are going to the top.Make no mistake about it. Philip Kamin Tour photographer for the Rolling Stones in both 1981 and 1982 Kamin has had over 35 best selling music books published around the world.”

Philip Kamin, Best selling Rock Photographer - Music Review

"When it comes down to soulful, inspirational music that can bge applioed to the themes of everyday life, I'm tuning my iPod to some Rock 'N'Roll by Jersey's very own, 'The Cynz'. Don't know who The Cynz are? If you're into music than you've probably let some 'Cynz' references fly over your head already.- basically everyone who's anyone in the rock realm has been talking about them. Musician Ivan Kral (Patti Smith, Iggy and the Stooges, Bowie, Blondie) writes of Cyndi's words, "Your choice and placement of words are so much more than a technical skill. They are charged with fire, wisdom, but also a child-like wonder."

“The Cynz are a hot (LITERALLY GORGEOUS) hard rock band from New York City! Fronted by the blonde bombshell, Cyndi Dawson, the band demands more and more respect as the album progresses. “Evolution” is a catchy song with an addicting refrain, and buzzing guitars. “Quick Fix Man,” one of the numerous standouts on the album, defines the 70’s New York Punk Scene and kicks ass! “Leave The Girl Alone” is a softer song, a ballad, with haunting background vocals that compete with Dawson’s leads. “Walk My Way” is nothing but fun and makes you want to dance, while rocking out, of course. The vocals truly shine through, however, on the tune “I Like It Too Much,” which is Aerosmith-esque, well Aerosmith wishes they sounded like this! “Live Like We’re Dead” winds down the album and features sexy chant vocals! The album, unfortunately, closes with the tune “White Lies” which is like punk and pop (no not Blink 182-ish) mixed into one! ”

“Just briefly here's what I hear: Patti Smith meets Concrete Blonde meets Distillers. Is this still 1977? Amazingly cutting edge guitar riffs, precision tight as fuck drums & bass, and lyrics so deep you wanna re-wind over and over again ...and just, go "she said, what?". It's as if someone ripped a babe straight outta Vogue, gave her an angelic yet street like voice, woke up Johnny Thunders, found the best drummer and bass player around, put em in a room and said "GO....but make it count". Holy smokes Batman, this new band is the hottest thing that came outta Metroplis in centuries. Most new bands sound so much like the one before last........or whatever else is popular these days. It makes me feel old. This band is worth way more than the price of admission. Pay attention to The Cynz. You'll thank me later. -Gail Olsen”

Gail Olsen - reviewer formerly of the Seattle Times

“The New York City-based rock band, “The Cynz” featuring Cyndi Dawson will perform at The Saint, (601 Main Street, Asbury Park, New Jersey) on Friday, July 1 at 8:00pm. Also appearing are Disconnects. The Cynz are a hard-rocking Indie-Alternative rock band featuring the songwriting talents of Cyndi Dawson and Henry Seiz, An alternating blend of raw and melodic classic punk/rock/pop sounds. Poet Cyndi Dawson has been compared to Patti Smith, Kim Gordon and Jim Carroll. But her live, on-stage performance style is distinctively her own. The band features Cyndi Dawson, vocals; Matt Langone, guitar and vocals; Henry Seiz, guitar and vocals; Bob Stockl, drums; Pat Schoultz, bass. For more information on the Cynz, please contact the Cynz on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cynz/102647236485548), or on Reverbnation (www.reverbnation.com/thecynz).”