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“Tell us about yourselves. Pierce, Nigel, Clapsbury, and Reggy Cunningham, aka the “First Family of Rock and Roll,” we first played together as a cohesive unit in November 2007. In April 2008, we won the cross-Canada Mazda Muzik Tour Contest, which gave us the opportunity to open for Sam Roberts at a sold-out show at Toronto’s Opera House. We’re regulars at the Horseshoe Tavern and El Mocambo, and have also taken the stage several times as part of 102.1 the Edge’s Steamwhistle Indie Music Nights.”

“The Cunninghams interview – Toronto band at NXNE talk about their plans for the festival, Iggy Pop and Earl Grey tea”

“This is the official, free weekday podcast of the The ExploreMusic Radio show with Alan Cross. Built on the foundations of Canada's two top music documentary programs, The Ongoing History of New Music and The Legends of Classic Rock, ExploreMusic combines the power and reach of radio with the unlimited potential of the Internet, connecting fans with new music, and with each other. This podcast features the latest music news, interviews with big stars and emerging artists, and much more.”

“This is the Indie Track of the Day Giveaway. It's just like it sounds—every day we spotlight a song from an indie band/artist and we let you keep the track to do with whatever you like (within the limits of the law). The song is part of our podcast, so if you want it (you do), search on iTunes for the ExploreMusic.com podcast, or just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the links. Pierce, Nigel, Clapsbury, and Reggy Cunningham, the "First Family of Rock and Roll," first played together..”

“Rock and Roll Report Podcast #34 featuring The Cunninghams”

“Are The Cunninghams a quartet of nice, suburban kids or brash, effete rockers? You decide. The Thornhill rock band has its music nailed and the look to match...”

“They're brash, bold, pretentious and are the newest sound of indie rock to hit the torpid Toronto rock scene in the past decade...”

“A group named The Cunnighams opened for [Sam] Roberts...The Cunnighams delivered to an audience that seemed to know them and their music quite well. Their song “Black & White” got a lot of fans in a tizzy. Many of gyrating women and hopping men were belting out the lyrics along side them...”