The Cumberland Collective / Press

" At first I thought I was listening to The Band, but then I heard Bonnie Raitt, and then Marvin Gaye. It wasn't a copy band by any stretch; there was talent in every corner of the room and each song seemed better than the last…. In an age where metal, punk, and grunge draw consistent crowds, I'd like to see this band in front of that audience and watch jaws drop."

"One of the hits of the Folk Alliance 2012 was new Nashville band, The Cumberland Collective. Consisting of anywhere up to fifteen players, eight of the band’s members made their first trip to the music conference where I watched them create a buzz with their unique blend of, well, just about every music genre you can think of!"

"With several songwriters of widely varying styles among them The Cumberland Collective’s music is an eclectic mixture unified by a sophisticated evocation of its American-ness. Tunes range from folk-pop anthems to country, contemporary soul to old-time talking blues."