The CRY! / Press

“The Cry have the hair, appeal, and songs to match their power pop and glam ancestors and the ghosts of Marc Bolan and the New York Dolls can rest assured that the style of music they helped to create is being properly handled by this rowdy group of Portlanders.”

“From the glam-slamming opener Discotheque to the hand-clapping teenage angst anthem Nowhere To Go, to the sugary-sweet power(pop) ballad Same Old Story, Dangerous Game is a non-stop joyride of everything you’ve ever loved about music. It’s got girls on roller skates, it’s got puking in alleys, it’s got ruffled shirts, Johnny Thunders, American cars, Creem magazine, cigarettes and T.Rex. It’s the best album Hanoi Rocks never made. Holy fuckin’ rock’n’roll. (9/10)”

“The CRY have both crucial aspects of power pop: Style and substance. Their songs have all the hooks the EXPLODING HEARTS and GENERATION X, with impressive instrumental flourishes as well.”

“First of all, the album I listened to the most and has become indispensable to me. Released in 2011 in Japan and marketed to the world in 2012 . Four kids from Portland, who recorded the highest album Powerpop the last ten years, no more, no less. MASTERPIECE ...”