The Cruxshadows / Press


“...surprisingly uplifting. The Cruxshadows have been around for over a decade and this album is a sign that they have only improved with age. ”

“The legendary Cruxshadows return with more 1980's inspired dark wave!!! If you haven't heard of The Cruxshadows you've been missing out for twenty years. This is a band that is singlehandedly spearheading the synth pop movement, the secret antiheroes defending the roots of a genre much misconstrued …the sheer power behind Rogue's voice and the accompanying synth makes it essential listening …very, very good.”

“it’s difficult to categorize Florida-based pioneers The Crüxshadows, who started dominating the dance floors over 20 years ago. …the new album ...rages against the wake of adversity with soaring triumph. Since 2003… (they) have broken down barriers in Gothic and Industrial, lacing each song with nods to the past and fresh coats of EBM-style synth play. …Whether mournful or encouraging in lyric choices, the most engaging aspect of The Crüxshadows has always been their sincerity. Rogue’s choices of inflection for his unmistakable voice against the walls of enveloping electronica display self-examinations that never tread the waters of sounding cliché or forced. Unyielding honesty, character, and inspiration drive the core of every song on As the Dark Against My Halo, and in general the entire legacy of The Crüxshadows.”

“The great atmosphere, the brilliant choice of songs... and the energetic show made this concert – at least for myself - one of the best concerts so far this year. Two thumbs up!”

“At the turn of the millennium, goth went back to its new wave roots while simultaneously fusing with electronica and rave culture, mutating into "cybergoth." This Florida outfit was a leader of that pack, all synths and synthetic hair extensions, plus violins, melodramatic vocals and silly dance moves. "The Future belongs to the brave," sings leader Rogue. Indeed.”

“It is difficult to listen to the album and not to feel a lump forming in your throat at some point... ATDAMH is an album that melds powerful, danceable tracks like “Valkyrie” and “Halo” with slower, more introspective tracks such as “Porcelain” and “Angelus Everlasting”... The album is an absolute must have for any fans of the band, and indeed for anyone who likes intelligent, well crafted and multi levelled electronica coupled with other elements... for me, this is the (best) one.”

“…dancefloor influenced darkwave packed with up-beat messages.  They’re very much a feel-good band …In every dark scene there is light, hope amongst the hopeless and the brave ones who’ll stand up for what they believe in. …there’s always a lot going on – two violinists jumping around, a guitarist floating in and out, dancers, keyboards and of course Rogue, the Goth scene’s answer to Edmund Hilary, who looks determined to explore and climb every crevasse of every venue. Ever. While the new stuff is promising, the classics are building up and ‘Quicksilver’, ‘Sophia’ and ‘Birthday’ are amongst those standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of ‘Winterborn’, ‘Deception’ and  ’Marilyn, My Bitterness’ which gives them an arsenal to be one of the better live acts, simply by having so many top grade tracks. ...They are a fun live act and one that really generates a good positive atmosphere.”

“Awe inspiring...Band of the Month.”

“The Florida based main act, 'The Crüxshadows’ gothic inspired electro music had an army of cyber-lock-flying - new-rock-stomping fans fired up by the end of their first song. Front man Rogue’s charisma and willingness to interact with the crowd coupled with the infectious synthetic hooks and driving energy from the band was great to see. They are a fairly large band featuring vocals, guitars, keyboards, two violinists, synths and not forgetting the two attractive female dancers/backing vocalists! ...there was plenty happening on stage to grab the audience’s attention. …they don’t conform to a stereotype; they’re doing things their way and encouraging their audience to do the same. …I really enjoyed the show. When they tour in England again, I will definitely buy tickets.”

“Take a collection of tracks influenced by mythology, pack in uplifting messages, add a dance beat... A fine craft of dark electronics, fused with violins, and a smack of guitars. A lot of production work has clearly gone into the album and the result is simply stunning. The quality is breathtaking and you can feel each riff of the violin strumming right through you, superb ...it's not only the strongest CXS album to date, but also one of the top albums this year.”

“Cruxshadows, “As the Dark Against My Halo”... as dark and edgy as ever, blending violins and guitars into its electro-based sound.”

“The band is as much about their stage performance as they are their music and both were in top form - lead singer Rogue, emerged from the crowd and the performance began.”