The Crosstown Trio / Press

“The Crosstown Trio delivered another of the weekends best performances. The mainly seated crowd grew larger, rose to their feet and by the end were up dancing along to these very talented local guys and it surely won't be long until they headline this fantastic venue.”

“the quality of the singing, the musicianship, the style and the lyrics really hit you. It's a great track that will be enjoyed by a wide range of music fans as it brings together so much and does it so expertly.”

“A new and refreshing sound from one of the finest young bands out there. Solid performance and great versatility. They will take you from funk to reggae in a twister of musical talent”

“'One of the best live sessions we've had in so far, a very talented trio'”

“A band with soul, blues, versatility and a natural ability to keep in tune with their crowds, the Crosstown Trio are young but extremely talented, armed with a variety of instruments that, alone will wow you!”

Kerrie Braithwaite - Live Magazine

“The Crosstown Trio have a sound which is so familiar yet so unique to today’s music scene. Mellow vocals combined with what can only be described as “smooth grooves” is so refreshing to hear from 3 young guys who appreciate how a song is constructed and play their instruments with the passion that they deserve.”

“Mixing a blend of blues and folk with rock and jive, the band have far more to offer. You just want make the most of that alcoholic beverage you just downed and get up on the dance floor. The band are a delight and well worth checking out at their next gig. Watch out for these lads over the next couple of years, a definite must hear!”

"The Crosstown Trio are a talented band. A nice groove and quality songs."