"The Crossing have their own sounds that are as intricate and Technicolor as their album art and something that should not be passed by. This is one of those rare CD’s where there is something to please any music fan that appreciates quality at its highest form!"

Macavity - Muen Magazine

"...energetic, guitar-driven rock... snappy, crunchy riffs and burning, distorted leads..." -

Patrick Conlan - The Illinois Entertainer

"...have come up with a sound as well as a style to their band that I tried to compare with other bands…but came up empty. These guys OWN their sound - it’s that simple...WICKED!"

Tracy Forsyth-Lundy - Backstage Live Magazine

"What The Crossing do so well is create big time riffs that soar from your speakers and delight the senses. Everything with this band flows nicely into the next item and that makes for damn good listening."

The Inquisitor - The Evil Inquisition Magazine

"I am a big fan of the songs."

Brandon Gravestock - Musicdetox.com

"... can bridge the generational gap with hooks, passion, and beauty."

State Of Emegency.net

"...this album shows the true musicianship that all bands strive for in their careers."

Matt Miller - Morbid Miller's Top Unsigned Bands

"... has mastered the art of mainstream rock ... deftly rendered lyrics are always couched within well crafted arrangements."

Steve Forstneger - The Illinios Entertainer

““Love what they do.” ”

Sinful Sounds Music Magazine

"...have brought their own edge to a classic rock sound that will have you loving this album on the first listen...especially if you are fans of good classic rock like Rush and Journey, but also if you’re into the newer rock and alternative bands that are being played on the radio today".

Lissy MacMillan - Inclination Webzine

"... universal lyric wrapped in really nice vocals and music ... an honesty in (the) music that really elevates."