Crooked Saws / Press

“ Crooked Saws has hit upon what makes a great blues duo: Room filling guitar, large vocals, loud drums, and plenty of distortion. Skilled at their instruments, and with tons of passion behind each note, it’s easy to forget that there is just two of them, and that’s why they’re great. The blues is best when done bare-bones, relying on passion and fire rather than complicated instrumentals and generated noises. Singer/guitarist Jesse Damien Revel has a big enough voice for five men, and the vocal chords of an aged bottle of whiskey, and it really shows in the song “Freak.” The song starts with a dreamy-guitar part, and some great staccato drum work, leaving Revel’s voice to wander freely and fill in the gaps before kicking things off with a shout. The distortion hits. The cymbals crash. And you’re in blue-rock bliss. “Freak” is from Crooked Saws’ debut album Mo’ Fi, and is most definietly worth your time.”