The Crimson Halo / Press

"The Crimson Halo is already developing their own great sound. "Aphelion" grabbed me instantly. The song starts off with a haunting melody on keyboard, which is scarce and also, at the same time, makes all the difference. Then after the subtle entrance of the whole band in the suspenseful pre-chorus, the emotion of the chorus all just hit me. I'm in love with everything about this song. The powerful, dark chords being played. Singer Ariel Hope's memorable and clever lyrics. The unique metaphor the song portrays. The heart-stopping bridge. The tasteful solos. The last breathtaking words of the song "But will I live on through...aphelion?" Who would have ever thought this moving talent would come out of a bunch of teenagers? "Aphelion" resonated with me, there are not very many songs nowadays that I feel as if I could rave about for hours, but when it comes to this one, I'm sure I easily could. I can't wait to hear a studio recording and I'm especially eager for all there is to come."

Angie McGregor, aspiring voice actress and poet

"A beautiful sound. A beautiful, professional young front-woman. A band full of, may I say, very handsome guys with endless talent. What's not to love? I'm most certainly a fan."

Renee Gerard, aspiring web designer and model