The Crawdaddies / Press

““This is perhaps the most commercial band I've seen in this genre of music. They (The Crawdaddies) can play any venue anywhere, anytime. What an incredible, exciting group of professional musicians. ”

Robert Metzgar - Legends Hall of Fame Producer, Universal Music / Capitol Management, Nashville,

"The Crawdaddies.......... an awesome show"

Alicia Pol - Breakout Entertainment, Texas A& M University, Fort Worth, TX

"These lads are authentic roots rockers even when they have tongue firmly placed in cheek." -Adam Harrington Whisperin & Hollerin UK October 2006

Adam Harrington - Whisperin & Hollerin UK

““The Crawdaddies are just plain fun. Full of energy, funk and soul...a blast to see live.” -Sarah Griffiths Shinbone Magazine September 2007”

Sarah Griffiths - Shinbone Magazine

"A great mix of Zydeco, Cajun, Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Roots Rock...you can't miss with The Crawdaddies." -Don Zelazny American Roots.com 2008

““This five-man band (The Crawdadddies) is sure to set bodies young and old in motion.” -Washington Post Washington, DC 2008”

Washington Post

““The Crawdaddies...A must see” ”