The Cornerstoners / Press

“Their friendship is palpable and their music is fresh. A bold, brave message over sick guitar riffs, strong bass accompaniment and one bad-ass female drummer make The CornerStoners a force not to be reckoned with. They have a predestined union that is written in the stars:”

“A hip-hop fusion quartet that blends heavy rock with a funky jazz undercurrent of sound creates an exhilarating experience for anyone within a four-block radius lucky enough to hear them. Four distinct and confident personalities contrast each other off the stage, but while performing they are four limbs of one body, each one with a role, an influence and purpose.”

“There were many people there; way more than I had expected. I navigated through the crush of people- smoking, drinking- everybody having a time.”

“After their communal performance venue shut down, it seemed The Cornerstoners, local hip-hoppers with talent and energy to burn, would go the way of many a Miami band -- that is, split up and fade into oblivion, leaving fans to reminisce about them over blunts and beers. No such luck, homies.”

“The Cornerstoners launched into an earnest rap: "A new chapter of my life is open. I'm so focused, I'm so focused. Everybody in the house say change is good, change is good. Let's change," implored the man at the mike.”

“their message is one of change, awareness and responsibility and they spread it openly without judgment or resentment. Love and let love. The Cornerstoners bring a flavorful concoction of sounds”

“The 17 tracks are split between five outfits: the rightly popular Raffa and Rainer, the like-minded Nacho and Johann, the rocking Alucard, the good vibes of Fitzroy, and the tripped-out sprechgesang rap of The Cornerstoners. Good sampler. Get it.”