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"Matilda Effect is as informative as it is sunny and fun.”

"With flawless production, expertly arranged songs and melodies that seem to have dripped down from heaven, this is an album that will wipe your black and white gloom away. It is quirky, warm and inspiring.The Corner Laughers could kickstart a whole new Uke Pop movement. And you know what? If every Pop band learned to write hooks as memorable as these, the world would be a much better place. And certainly a lot more colorful.”

"The Corner Laughers are a Californian band who come across like a West Coast Belle and Sebastian. Their indie pop is sassy and smart, intelligent and intricate, twee with bite.”

"The Corner Laughers – Matilda Effect is sure to rank high on many a year-end top 10 list, including mine. Why? Because it’s nothing less than an amazing record. It’s fanciful (with ukulele!), it rocks when it needs to, it gets cute without ever being obnoxious about it, the melodies are crazy catchy, and Karla Kane’s fetching lead vocals are impossible to resist. Matilda Effect is wonderful, thinking man’s (and woman’s) pop music, even if I’m never quite sure exactly what they’re thinking. There’s no sense in singling out individual tracks, because everything here is equally fabulous. Pretty much a perfect record to these ears. Grade: A “

“Midsommar by California’s The Corner Laughers’ combines country-inspired instrumentation with sparky, upbeat vocals and the kind of intricate, detailed pop arrangements that recall Sixpence None The Richer. There’s something of a US Kirsty McColl to the vocals and it would take a more cynical man than I to deny the pomp and circumstance of the Pumpkins-esque guitar solo that smashes through the track in the mid-section. There are ukuleles, there are strings and, more’s the shame, this is the exact kind of track where a big producer would sweep in and tell the band that there’s ‘too much going on’ for radio. But for the people with the attention-span to listen to music beyond a drum beat and a vocal in a car on a motorway this is rousing, visionary, adult pop.”

"Poppy Seeds is a record that would have easily made my top 20 of 2012 had I spent enough time with it before December 31. It features a dozen hyper-catchy, quirky ‘lil tunes that whiz by in just over half-an-hour, always-interesting vocal and instrumental arrangements, slightly loopy lyrics and the bright ‘n’ lovely lead vocals of Karla Kane. Indie pop cred is provided by the presence of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist KC Bowman, Allen Clapp’s crisp production (and some singin’ and playin’) and guest vocals from Mike Viola, while Charlie Crabtree’s solid, inventive drumming helps power the tunes."

“You're not likely to hear a more purely enjoyable pop album than Poppy Seeds this year, or in the next several years to come -- it's a delight and a minor miracle. This is beautifully crafted pop music that overflows with joy and good cheer, but without sounding affected or saccharine, and for all the sweet-as-honey harmonies and Wrecking Crew-worthy instrumental interplay, the music feels honest and organic, and is leavened with a sense of humor that adds to the fun while keeping the music's feet firmly on the ground.”

"Led by singer and ukulele player Karla Kane, this San Francisco combo has its feet in the pool of the Smiley Smile Beach Boys—the supposedly throwaway music (“Vegetables,” “She’s Goin’ Bald”) they made after they gave up on Brian Wilson’s Smile masterpiece. It’s sometimes sun-blindingly bright, never less than sweet. "

"The Corner Laughers' lyrics are surprisingly elegant. "Bells of El Camino" is bedecked with lovely descriptions of California landscapes, while "(Now That I Have You I'm) Bored" offers a wry take on relationships and buyer's remorse."

"Like Camera Obscura, or upstarts ‘Allo Darlin’? Entranced by sweet female vocals and a frothy twee sound? Then the Corner Laughers are for you."

“Sometimes a band come along that are pretty damn hard not to be smitten by, like looking into the eyes of a tiny kitten you'd have to be made of stone not to feel something. The Corner Laughers are one of those bands, most immediately because of Singer/Ukulele player Karla Kane's sunny twee pop vocal. This is an album choc full of summery, breezy indie pop gems. Prepare to fall in love.”

““Destroy” isn’t a word regularly used to describe twee-pop bands, but the Corner Laughers earn it. They destroy their instruments and anything else in their path on this LP.”

"Midsommar” is a typically catchy number with glorious harmonies, a lovely melody, and a reminder that a song can cure all ills. Written and sung by the magical Karla Kane, this is real deal time–a song for the middle of summer, for the beginning of fall or the snowy winter or the welcome to flowers spring. Take a bow, Corner Laughers."

"I defy you not to have a glorious time."

"It’s prehistoric stone but it’s also rock and roll, with more catchiness, jangly guitar and soaring harmonies than you can shake a Maypole at. Produced again by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels), “Midsommar” is the first release from a forthcoming full-length album. Take a deep breath, put on your floral crown and join the dance. The Corner Laughers invite you to share their midsummer’s-day dream. Glad Midsommar! "

“Wonderfully bubbly, chipper, and catchy, this album represents sweet sunshiney indie pop at its most delightful and infectious. The merry vocal harmonies project a freshness and positive attitude without every seeming too cloying or cutesy. The bouncy arrangements are robustly filled out by shimmering keyboards, pretty violins and woodwinds, and even some especially tasty ukulele licks. The speedy tempos and happy hoppin’ beats keep things bright, cheery, and energetic throughout. A gloriously giddy and uplifting ray of sheer sonic bliss.”

"Midsommar" is a wonderfully upbeat track which deserves to bring The Corner Laughers' music to a brand new audience.

“Poppy Seeds by San Francisco band The Corner Laughers has all the sunny melodies, bright hooks, and bouncy charm that makes for the perfect warm weather soundtrack. Poppy Seeds is a front to back winner. You’re warned: Get this album now. It’s that good. ”

“Ridiculously melodic helping of psychedelic folk-pop”

“With the impossibly winsome vocals of Karla Kane out front, The Corner Laughers‘ pop style is a tasty recipe indeed. Their 2012 release Poppy Seeds continues in their grand tradition. One listen and I defy you to get the melody out of your head. Thing is, if you are (as am I) a fan of intelligent pop, you won’t want to forget the melody; its place in your skull will be a welcome one.”

“Corner Laughers – Poppy Seeds: a wonderful collection of pop goodness, two parts Beach Boys, one part indie-pop, twelve parts AWESOME! If that doesn’t convince you, then how about this, it’s produced by Allen Clapp, and at least one track features the inimitable Mike Viola!”

“Rarely does such a beautiful pop album arrive, it deserves to make my top ten list this year for sure.”

“This album is so sweet that you could put it on pancakes. Tight harmonies and incredibly well put together pop music.”

“It’s easy-breezy, jingly-jangly smile inducing summery chamber pop.  Karla Kane sings like a favorite old friend meeting up for tea and memories. It reminds me at different times of The Beach Boys, The Bangles, The Monkees, Matthew Sweet, She and Him, and so many more.  But mostly, it just reminds me of sunshine.  The good, mid-spring kind, with a beach near by.”

"Cute twee neo-psychedelic harmony-laden baroque pop"

““The Laughers are a nigh-on-perfect fusion of bubblegum-sweet tunefulness and clever, subtly barbed lyrics. “Thunderbird” is an addictive gem, a history of mankind as seen through the eyes of a mythical beast —- it’s like the CLs scrunched Mel Brooks’s History of the World Part One into a classic-to-be three-minute pop symphony. Karla Kane’s voice has the dulcet quality of the very young Diana Ross and their melodies are the sweetest guilty pleasures since the heyday(s) of the Cowsills, Andy Kim, and the Vogues. For younger readers, if the baroque-ish delights of Sufjan Stevens and B&S are your cup of Earl Grey, Ultraviolet Garden is a disc you dare not miss.””

-- Icon Magazine

““Inspired vocals ... and a series of brilliant ’60s-inspired numbers. Blessed with Camera Obscura’s gift for rainy melancholia.”

Magnet Magazine

““A catchy indie-pop sugar rush frothing with humorous, whip-smart lyrics ... Ukulele-led sunshine folk-pop and girl-group harmonies and handclaps ... Ultraviolet Garden feels like a place that Camera Obscura, They Might Be Giants, and Kirsty McColl might have strolled through at some stage. It’s simply wonderful.””

Alan Brown - PopMatters

““Blending a unique and eclectic pop sensibility with intelligent, offbeat lyrics and a wicked sense of humor... The Corner Laughers write brilliant Pop songs ... enough Pop sensibility to stay on the Pop culture radar, but walk off the beaten path enough to garner counter-culture support as well. In short, The Corner Laughers succeed so well by being adamantly themselves. The music is irresistible; the lyrics intelligent and sometimes funny. Vocalist Karla Kane has the sort of voice that speaks of a late-blooming flower, sultry and sensual but hidden behind a shy intellect that's as prone to misdirection and humor as it is to blunt observation. The vocal harmonies are to die for; and the album, Ultraviolet Garden, is the sort of debut that a band could spend the rest of their career trying to match (much less top).””

-- Wildy’s World

““The Corner Laughers aren't shy about wearing their heart on their record sleeve ... The music is relentlessly upbeat and sunny, jam-packed full of the kind of cuteness that makes it hard not to smile when listening to it ... it's the lyrics where the Corner Laughers shine. They elevate them above so much regular indie pop because their playful use of language is both equally amusing and intelligent.””

Michael Edwards - Exclaim! Canada

““This San Francisco outfit can write some delightfully infectious indie pop that harnesses elements from the best of the girl groups from the 60s and give them new life in the form of contemporary, offbeat pop that features light guitar, ukulele, organ, and the occasional glockenspiel. The vocals have the sweet sincerity of Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer), and are overlayed with clever harmonies with lyrics that are refreshingly cerebral. Think Go-Gos meet XTC. For those searching for something a bit more eclectic, The Corner Laughers also put their stamp on baroque pop, bluegrass and folk. A little off the beaten path, but never straying from a good melody, ‘Ultraviolet Garden’ is a smart and charming delight.””

Bill’s Music Forum

““It’s the sort of indie-pop that can’t help but help you ... creating a sort of vibrating stability in unstable world. In a place people stay together ‘for the sake of the cat,’ it’s nice to have this to bop to.””

Cave 17

““Smart, bubbly pop ... The Corner Laughers' Ultraviolet Garden cuts studs its sugary hooks with quiz bowl vocabulary and surreal imagery. The tunes are airy, breezy and laced with unexpected lyrical twists ... Their second album, produced by the Orange Peels' Allen Clapp, puts a 1960s sheen onto conflicted, ebullient and intricately intelligent girl pop. All these songs are bright, sardonic, and without a trace of self pity, bouncing along on unstoppable beats and irresistible girls-rule harmonies. ””

Blurt Magazine

““Lead singer Karla Kane is incapable of sounding anything but cute, even when she sings about things like space or the end of the world and the music gets a bit adventurous.””

The East Bay Express

““The songs are bright, ebullient and have some of the most hilarious lyrics I’ve heard in quite a while but the band is no joke. The ladies voices blend perfectly and there’s enough 6-string jangle on here to keep any pop lover happy for days.””

Dagger Magazine

““Quite wonderful, really.””

Joel Edelman - Joel's Hit Show

““There's no shortage of hummable melodies, sing-a-long choruses and catchy grooves. Every bit as clever as it is charming.””

The Charleston Gazzette

““The sunny, breezy album moves from winsome pop to shuffling country to glistening shoegaze tunes with deceptive ease and smarts.””

The Voice of Energy

““This album has a grace and ambience that is miles beyond what went before. Stocked with great songs from top to bottom. This is modern pop music played the way it's meant to be.””

Mr. Suave's Mod, Mod World

“The Corner Laughers favor simple, appealing melodies, a clear sound that borders on folk and lyrics evoking a bright college girl who's daydreaming instead of studying for her finals.”

“Girly girl powerpop that's so catchy and infectious that it'll probably give you cavities.”