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“The Cooters "Punk Metal" is awarded "Best Album of 2005 By A Band You've Never Heard Of" by The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee, December 30, 2005”

The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee

"If ever an album title was truth in advertising, this is it, except the virtues this band draws from each genre is older and less trendy than the genres' current commercial representations. This trio from north Mississippi combines speedy metal guitars with gutter-punk aggression and a bit of Southern rock attitude, resulting in a version of "punk metal" that evokes Motörhead and the Stooges more than AFI or My Chemical Romance. ("Carpetbaggers," "Crusty," "Woo Lord!")" -The Memphis Flyer

The Memphis Flyer

"The Cooters incorporate the driving rhythms of MOTORHEAD, some fancy lead work, and political lyrics, to a punk sensivity, and sense of melody. Think the first SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Lp duking it out with the better bits of LYNARD SKYNRD.  Their third full length and it rocks!" -American Music Press magazine

American Music Press magazine

"'Woo Lord' is liable to make any big metal-head pull out the air guitar to try and tackle some of the same colossal solos contributed to the album by Gentry Webb" -PunkNews.org webzine

"Based on the title, you should be able to guess what this is going to sound like. It's more metal than punk, though. These guys play a MOTORHEAD-meets-BIOHAZARD, headbanging, lighters-in-the-air, air-guitar-solo-playing fanfare. Excellent production throughout; you can hear everything. The drums are punchy and the guitars crunch like eating granola. The bass gives you the lows that thumps on your chest when you have the volume up. If these guys were playing at the bar after I had my tenth round, they would have me pissing in my pants while I rocked to the beat!" -Razorcake 'zine


"This is a pretty bitchin’ rock n’ roll record, snakin’ its way through the tall grass with DIRTY POWER riffs, DRI kicks, and NASHVILLE PUSSY licks. Songs like “The Gooch,” “Crusty,” “Kill them With Kindness,” and “Life Like” come barking at you like a junkyard dog on a loose leash, while “Woo Lord!” is a sugar coated, Bolanesque melody maker, making it the best of the bunch here – the one shiny hit on this otherwise lean n’ mean grease parade." -Sleazegrinder webzine

Sleazegrinder webzine

"They use satire to get their point across in the same jolly and obnoxious way that S.O.D., FEAR or ANTISEEN did. Musically its metal played with an punk attitude and lyrically its snotty as punk and a bit crude as in metal and together its music which you can both shake your fist and drink beer to."-Disgraceland webzine

Disgraceland webzine

"The Cooters go for a more punk / hardcore inflected sound, think ZEKE by way of ANTISEEN by way of NEGATIVE APPROACH by way of HANOI ROCKS. I bet you think I'm joking!" -Roadburn webzine

Roadburn webzine

"On their third album, “Punk Metal,” The Cooters present just that — punk-influenced metal which transcends any genre. Their inspired endeavor into uncharted musical frontiers paves the way for potential settlement by aspiring punk rockers. The Cooters showcase undeniable ingenuity with clever arrangements, crisp, clean grooves and guitar solos which would rival the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai or Eric Clapton." -The Daily Mississippian

The Daily Mississippian