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“an intoxicating keg of rock pop that will get you smashed and a folk rock hook intro that would make The Lumineers jealous. Building anthemic pop melodies and a chorus just waiting to be belted make this seal this song’s fate to be on sunny playlists everywhere”

“Summer is almost ending, which could mean the end of summery jams to help wash over your hangover at the beach or be the staple on the barbecue soundtrack at your neighbor’s house. Yeah, summer songs could end here. Or you could just take a page out of the Leeds via Queensland group The Coopers, and let summer last forever. Their two debut songs (“Summer’s Child” and “Autumn”) are slickly-produced tracks that unfortunately missed the deadline for the soundtracks of classic early ’00s teen dramas. This is Seth Cohen music.”

“Jangly ‘hipsterriffic’ guitars mashed with upbeat rockin’ drums are the perfect foundation for the seemingly perfect vocals that accent this tune so well.”

“Sparkling sunshine ‘n’ showers gems”

“In a nutshell, that’s the beauty of THE COOPERS. They tie together the best of folk, rock and pop elements and deliver an incredibly concise and harmonious musical package that is truly memorable”

“The Coopers are definitely a band to watch out for. Immensely catchy hooks, energetic vibe, and all rounded off with a chorus of kazoos! We look forward to working with them again!”

“a laid back summer Sunday song for you to vibe out to today. This one is from a UK band who goes by the name of The Coopers and their song is called “Summer’s Child” This is very infectious and you would be crazy not to click play.”

“Described as energetic folk/pop, The Coopers are a breathe of fresh air.. a burst of sunshine through dark clouds of grey... Summers Child” is a perfect anthem for summer.. shades on, windows down, playing loudly as part of your soundtrack to a wonderful summer. This track is playful, free spirited and ready to be embraced with a happy heart.”

“The single “Summer’s Child” is as catchy and optimistic as the band seem to be. The Coopers are a ray of sunshine on the UK music scene. Let’s hope they have the same popularity back home!”

“Throwing perculiar instruments, hand claps and by the looks of their artwork – paint into the face of rainy english summer – these guys are exactly what I needed for my summer playlist... Looking forward to seeing what’s next for these guys”

"These guys are exactly what I needed for my summer playlist"

“Absolutely brilliant!”

BBC Introducing

“A pleasure to witness... It’s all about the uplifting tunes, impeccably polished performance and infectious melodies. In fact, there’s very little to fault about them, and they keep it interesting with some quirky little sections with brightly coloured bells played as a team and some finely implemented tag-team instrument changeovers’ ‘this was a cracking little break into the sunnier side of the musical world. Trust these Aussie hippies to drag that side out of you… Bastards”

Leeds Music Scene

“Incredible energy and happiness that engulfs the entire room... It’s rare to see an entire audience so convincingly won over by a band”


“An uncompromising live set of twee pop...without a hint of pretension”

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