The Coop / Press

“The Coop is part of a growing trend towards individuals in a band performing on multiple instruments. Lead guitarist Danny Biggins performs with a keyboard to his right and bassist Cason Trager has a table with synthesizers and a laptop. Even with his bandmates tickling ivory keys, Joe Re’s talents exude a strong lead command. The Coop effectively combines traditional rock music instrumentation with electronic music’s new gadgets and provides a high energy experience perfectly suited to the earliest hours of the morning”

“This Chicago quartet eschews the notion that livetronica acts must adhere to traditional forms of electronica like house or trance that result in derivative and diluted runoff from the "trance-fusion" ethos. Rather, The Coop seeks to emulate current trends in EDM, which has led to a brand of live-glitch-hop aesthetic that runs rampant through the title track from their forthcoming EP A Fleeting Glimpse. That being said, the boys are still products of the vibrant Chicago jam scene, so shreddery is clearly an ingredient.”

"They keep working their way up on people’s personal schedules." *Review of North Coast Music Festival

“The Coop was the oddball of the night, a deliberate swerve from the heavy-hitting DJ sets; however, their showcase was one of the most highly anticipated and well-received of Bass Drop 2011...Building patiently and methodically in the vein of STS9, the band ebbed and flowed with the precision of an act far beyond its years.”

“Having never seen the Coop, I was blown away by two aspects: their youth, and their tightness. Lumping them into the jam category is unfair. They are coming from a purely electronic headspace. Breakbeat underlies their sound more than trance or house, quite uncommon for acts of their ilk. Solid drums and bass lay a thick foundation for the Coop. What’s almost as impressive, and certainly worth pointing out, is their saxophonist knows how to lay in the cut...Sax players like Dom Lalli with Big Gigantic can create lush, sweeping soundscapes that serve to build instead of detract. The Coop’s Jared Shaw shares a similar ability to add texture without overpowering. As an added bonus, these guys actually pull off live dubstep, which can prove to be quite a challenge. The Coop plays a great deal in and around the Second City; do yourself a favor and check them out.”

“The next band hitting the stage has flourished recently. The Coop has indented a solid spot in the Chicago music scene and showed why with their performance. Expressing their sincere gratitude for the love of their music they kicked off the set with an impressive display. Their set branched out into new realms of their music making abilities. The expanding energy with the instrumentals was breathtaking, this band builds and builds to a climactic surge. The set was very impressive and clinging, it was difficult to stand still while the music beat through you. They played originals of the bands sensational production abilities. The gentlemen in this band give it their all every performance and their passion in their music is heard and felt the duration of their time on stage. This band is hypnotic in their collaboration of musical skill and their Wuhnurth performance was a perfect dose to lift up your evening.”