The Connies / Press

“‎The Connies are a rad Bay Area band, with a sound somewhat akin to Jawbreaker meets later The Dwarves. Really cool songs, hooks, and swagger! Check 'em out->> ♥ AMP MAGAZINE”


“Petaluma punk trio the Connies come correct on Full Round Roger, with blistering songs like "Mr. Marin" and "My Lament Against Apathy." Hand-numbered, with 100 copies on pink vinyl, the record's a perfect fit for high-powered rock 'n' roll fans.”

"I have no doubt this is the best current band from Santa Rosa"

Graham Booth - Maximum RocknRoll

“THE CONNIES- “Wounds” CD With a name like the CONNIES, I was expecting an all girl RAMONES style band. Instead this is more songwriter styled punk meets power pop-a bit like KEVIN K meets RICHARD HELL meets JOHNNY THUNDERS without the drug depen- dency. I guess they are somewhat local too. This is pretty good; it has USA 1980 written all over it musically. (Ray Lujan, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL ”