The Compulsions / Press

“The Compulsions have that dirty rock sound that not enough bands seem to have these days.”

Alice Cooper - Nights With Alice Cooper

“HOLY SHIT – dirty, sexy, funky, and fun rock ‘n’ roll is back. ‘Long Tall Sally’ ain’t your mama’s version of the Little Richard classic. This moody, slowed WAY down rocker shows the band’s ability to take something familiar, twist and punk it up, and make it as fun as the original without cloning it. ‘I Still Got The Hots For You, Baby’ is a feel good track that doesn’t take itself too seriously and delivers punch and power in under two minutes. Imagine great rock thrown into a blender with a fun, punk groove and a little rockabilly tossed in for seasoning. A classic, gritty feel.”

Todd Jolicoeur - 100% Rock Magazine

“Rob Carlyle and the rest of the Compulsions don't just play their blues and booze blend of rock 'n' roll, they come right out and smack you straight across the face with it. Everything from the Rolling Stones to Johnny Thunders with a little Guns N' Roses exists in the Compulsions' songs of discontent.”

The New York Press

“With an incredible lineup boasting Rob Carlyle on vocals and guitar, guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer from Guns N' Roses fame and bassist Sami Yaffa from Hanoi Rocks and the New York Dolls, I guess it's sort of inevitable that the Compulsions released a record this good.”

Bruce Moore - Pure Grain Audio

“Dirty Fun is the release that should put the New York City-based band on the national radar. Carlyle has a slightly smoky voice that’s perfect for shading songs like ‘Evil Bastards’ and ‘House of Rock’ with hints of danger. ‘I Still Got the Hots for You, Baby,’ is a barrelhouse rocker that mashes up the Stones with Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

Kevin Wierzbicki - antiMusic

“The Compulsions stormed Hollywood's Viper Room and played a balls-out rock and roll show, showcasing their new album, Dirty Fun. The short set (about 40 minutes) drew many of the Thursday night crowd to the front of the small club's stage. The group's version of the Little Richard classic ‘Long Tall Sally’ is a killer. They know how to work a room and it’s easy to imagine their sound filling a big venue. No posturing, no gimmicks. They let their music do the talking. Check 'em out.”

Charlie Steffens - Pure Grain Audio

“Ever since their initial breakup, the mainstream have been scrambling for a rock 'n' roll savior to fill the shoes of Guns N' Roses. Mercifully, at long last, an answer has arrived in the form of the Compulsions. If a large label gets ahold of the Compulsions and doesn't polish them any more than they already are, this stuff will rule the world.”

Dan Rowe - Uncle Dans House Of Smut

“Gritty, New York Dolls-style punk… like the bastard punk-glam child of ‘70s-era Aerosmith. Dirty Fun is great, raucous rock ‘n’ roll and one of the best releases of the year so far.”

The Rock Pit

“The Compulsions play dirty, sleazy, twin-guitar, blues-based rock 'n' roll. They came to rock, they have the pedigree: this is no bullshit. And that authenticity shines through on Beat The Devil... the best rock band New York has had since Johnny Thunders... [and] the one true hope NYC has of reclaiming its rock 'n' roll glory.”

“I could find countless ways to compare these guys to any great band they resemble like the Stones or GN’R, the Heartbreakers or the Dolls... [but] the most outstanding element of this band regardless is that they capture the aura of New York City. We need a city flag made with these guys on it.”

Walk The Plank Magazine

“Everyone’s heard ‘Long Tall Sally’ done a zillion times, but they’ve never heard it done the way this band did it. Carlyle’s vocal delivery converted the tune from a stale bar band staple to a sensual, risqué aural bump ‘n’ grind. By the end of the set, ‘Shake Hands With The Devil’ showed why there’s a buzz about this band. Fortus played a screaming slide guitar solo, Ferrer showed why he earned the nickname ‘Thunderchucker’ and the audience was rockin’ and groovin’. The Viper Room. The Compulsions. That’s the shit. They’re the real deal.”

Richard Rosenthal - Screamer Magazine

“By far one of the greatest underrated rock bands of our generation. ”

Dawn Marie Fichera - AntiMUSIC

“On Dirty Fun, the sophomore album from rock band the Compulsions, the New York City four-piece brings back a bluesy rock sound reminiscent of early-era Aerosmith with hints of New York Dolls punk. The approach here is organic with minimal overdubs in the way the early classic rock records were recorded. ‘House of Rock,’ ‘Lucky’ and ‘Stay Eazy’ showcase this nuts-and-bolts approach in songs that drip with greasy guitar riffs, nasty solos and fiery vocals. There is a cover of Little Richard's classic ‘Long Tall Sally,’ which is given a supercharged makeover that takes the blues rock song and turns it upside down. In a time when bands like Rival Sons are putting their own spin on the classic rock era and bands like Humble Pie, Free and Led Zeppelin, the Compulsions are plotting out their own direction with a sound that owes a nod to classic bands from the past but is entirely unique. A great rock band with a smoking hot album.”

Steve Rosen - Rock.com

“The Compulsions should be one o' the biggest bands in the world a year from now. If I'm right, well, good for them. If I'm wrong, you'll just be in-the-know about the world's greatest obscure rock band.”

Sleazegrinder Magazine

“The Compulsions took the stage without any fuss and laid down a solid 40-minute set of punk-infused rock ‘n’ roll. It came across as simple, no-bullshit, unpretentious heavy rock, and the Viper Room was the perfect setting for it. The Compulsions showcased appreciable variety within their set, with tunes ranging from minute-long breathless punk to slow blues-rock jams. It was also further proof of the undeniable and criminally underrated talent the members of the current Guns N’ Roses lineup possess. It was a treat to watch Fortus and Ferrer in this intimate environment, and they certainly imposed their musical stamp on The Compulsions’ performance here. The Compulsions are no overhyped supergroup, and are experts in doing the things that matter most to the rock ‘n’ roll lover.”

Andrew Bansa - Metal Assault

“Few bands can cultivate a sense of cool and dark mystique while striking that balance between modern music and homage to the past so well.”

Morgan Evans - Metal Riot

“The Compulsions are finally releasing their long-awaited CD, Dirty Fun, on April 14 and celebrating the release with a CD release party at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. I’ve only heard the song ‘Evil Bastards’ so far and this thing sounds massive. It has such a retro sound, but it sounds so big. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it.”

Tim Louie - The Aquarian

“Whoever says rock is dead hasn’t heard The Compulsions. Dirty Fun, the New York City-based band’s second full-length release, is 10 tracks of unwashed rock ‘n’ roll—real and raw, coated in dirty blues. ‘Lucky’ embodies the enduring power of rock and rhythm and blues. The song teems with the guitar twang and boogie-woogie piano of The Rolling Stones (much like ‘Tumbling Dice’), with an added shot of horns. A revamped version of Little Richard’s ‘Long Tall Sally’ is a standout track that really puts the band’s musical repertoire on display.”

Charlie Steffens - New Noise Magazine

“Deftly balancing bits of the Heartbreakers, Guns N’ Roses and the Rolling Stones... boozy rock riffs and sneering attitude... smart song craft and sly wit... hip swinging groovers... blunt rockers... cranky country blues... a high level of craftsmanship and a back alley sensibility sorely lacking in most modern rock & roll.”

“The Compulsions' Demon Love EP is a bucketful of slithery NYC sleaze with trumpets and harmonicas and all that slick willy uptown stuff, plus a sinister, semi-industrial cover of JJ Cale's "Cocaine" and a song about how awesome it is having sex with fat girls. I always sorta knew it anyway, but now it's official: The Compulsions are the coolest band in the world.”

Ken McIntyre - Classic Rock Magazine

“If the Sticky Fingers-era Rolling Stones had come from New York City, they might have sounded something like the Compulsions. While there's more hard rock in their music than anything else, they approach the stuff with a strut and swagger that recalls the New York Dolls, and their attitude comes straight out of punk rock, even if their music doesn't.”

Mark Deming - Official iTunes Staff Review

“The Compulsions have been compared to the New York Dolls, the Rolling Stones and even AC/DC, but I think this does them an injustice, giving you a false impression of the randomness which awaits.”

“These guys bring together the sneer of old-school punk and the muscular attack of vintage hard rock with the "so what's it to you?" attitude that floats in the Big Apple's dirty breeze. Like a cross between the Dictators and early AC/DC. Plenty of great stuff here... blues-infused snarl... murky atmospherics... folk-rock as played by Johnny Thunders and David Johansen... slick R&B moves...”

Official iTunes Staff Review

“Calling the smoke filled, puke stained underworld of NYC home, the Compulsions evoke the gone but not forgotten spirit of down and dirty sounding rock 'n' roll ala the Stones' classic Sticky Fingers. This is one of the best discs I've heard in a long time. The Compulsions are the new gold standard of what real rock should be - so much so that this release should only be available on vinyl.”

East Coast Romper