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“South Side Suicide I get asked a lot about the lyrics to South Side Suicide. Often times I look back on some songs and realize they're not stories as much as they are raw emotion. How are you feeling at that moment? There are times when different circumstances converge at once and create a feeling...an emotion....South Side is one of those songs. A good friend of mine had just died in a motorcycle accident. Another friend of a friend had just died and it was later found to be a suicide. All of this brought up emotions (and sometimes selfish ones) of a feeling that time isn't on our side. And WTF!!!! What about all of us you left behind? I've been questioning life, death & time since I was about 6. Morbid little bastard I was. When I read the lyrics without music I think, well...do they even make sense? But with the music I think the raw feeling & pissed of emotion comes through. I'm a songwriter after all. Not a Poet.....so I hope it works. You can judge. http://www.youtube.com/wa”


“Hey everybody- Hope your summer's going great. Check out this cool new Big Noise artist!”

“There's a three-way tie between songs that share DNA--great bass, great drums and some great vocals by Dean Petrella on The Complaints album, entitled "Sunday Morning Radio." there's no way I can separate them." Purchase from AmazonDownload from iTunes”


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“Hey Kids! First and foremost, great shows coming up now through the end of the year. We did decide to take New Year’s Eve off this year, sorry but we haven’t had one off since 1997! Although I played w/ What Matters in 97 so not even then did I have it off! South Side Suicide is being processed through iTunes. We expect release by early-mid January. This track is going to rock your face off, I promise. Pretty silly. Hoping you all have a safe and healthy holiday season. See you soon Dean and his elves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmdHv5yCoxs”

“Goldmine Magazine Trade Up review Joe Tortelli Everyone can remember a song that immediately lures you into its inescapable groove. The Complaints, a powerful three-piece rock 'n' roll band from Rhode Island, accomplish just that with their latest single "Trade Up." Singer-songwriter Dean Petrella conveys authentic urban street life in his gritty voice; even his "hey hey hey's" shout through the asphalt jungle. It's impossible to exaggerate the kinetic beat laid down by bassist Chris Cruz and drummer Anthony Marotti; rhythmic and sinewy yes, but also subtle and unpredictable. "Trade Up" is topped with Petrella's sensational power chords, his beautifully sustained string-bending lead notes, and some monstrous closing feedback. http://www.goldminemag.com/”

“Review of "Trade Up".”

“New single "Trade Up" is now available on iTunes & Amazon!”

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