The Company Corvette / Press

"... highly enjoyable slice of lazy, hazy stoner rock that out smokes a good portion of its opposition."

"If you want true stoner rock then this is it, shining like a diamond in the giant turd that stoner rock has become."

"... infectious, heavy yet relaxing kind of grooves. ... some of the best wah-soaked distortion I have heard in a long time... Highly recommended."

"Tailor-made for headphones and spliff."

"Very hypnotic, the guitar riffs swirl around and get stuck in your head. ... huge, towering and crushing. ... End of the Summers moves and grooves, it’s a rocker and a keeper!"

"... this album is so chock full of 70's riffs, Proto Metal sections and Bluesy sections, it is really like a time - machine taking you back to a time when music was honest and simple."