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“Talking of Paganini, here’s what happened when The Commander-in-Chief, seven-string electric supremo, met the classical mastery of Craig Ogden in Paganini’s 24th Caprice, one of the staples of metal’s classical obsessions. They both win, I reckon.”

“Recently two guitar geniuses decided to tackle this complicated string piece in a guitar duel of the ages. Craig Ogden, classical guitar fiend and The Commander In Chief, expert master of the 7 stringed instrument recorded a powerful and beautiful version of the classic, illustrating not only their own individual prowess, but also highlighting the complexity of the composition itself.”

"Bow down mortals, meet the new Queen of Shred. The Norwegian guitar supremo is one hell of a player. This one-woman Metal Hurricane is smashing her way through the underground with her mix of great songwriting, face-ripping shredding and a refusal to listen to the few cynical wallies out there who judge her on image and not talent."

Meta Hammer, UK - Metal Hammer

"It's a sad fact that when you think of shred guitarists, the majority of them will be men. Enter The Commander-In-Chief", a seven-string-wielding uber-shredding female who's ready to melt faces and shatter stereotypes! Make way for the Norwegian Queen of Shred!".

Total Guitar - Total Guitar Magazine

“The tent is surprisingly full. Attired in blue regalia, The Commander conveys a striking image although as she begins to perform, my attention switches immediately to her musical talents, both vocal and fretboard. Her skillfully intricate playing, both rhythm and lead, is offset against some more straightforward passages of fretboard work, it’s all about what is right for the song rather than aimless displays of fretboard widdling. And every note and chord is played with precision and passion. There there’s her wide-ranging voice which she uses to vocalize and emphesize the emotions inherent in her guitar playing, hitting some high notes that leave many audience memebers looking as astonished as they are impressed. Her delivery sounds ever so natural and guitar/vocal sonics are at one in a series of melodically engaging songs. Musically, in talent and delivery, The Commander is flawless. Evidently thoroughly gratified and humbled by the enthusiastic crowd reaction she receives.”

"I am always looking for something new and different to work on, but I have to say that when the unique talents of "The Commander In Chief" crossed my desk a few months ago, I was blown away! This was definitely new and different! In my twenty plus years as a producer and engineer I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard anything like what she has to offer. Killer guitar driven progressive hard rock, along with an unbelievable over the top vocal style, with just enough pop added so that it can be accessible to all. Neatly wrapped up in an image that is definitely fresh and exciting. I am looking forward to work with her again soon! Rock on Commander! Well done!"

"She is a seven-string-wielding Norwegian uber-shredder who has made it her mission in life to prove that shredding at blistering speeds is not just a male phenomenon. Her recent cover of Black Sabbath classic Paranoid won her legions of fans around the world with its fretboard-burning intensity and operatic vocals.Last year she secured an artist endorsement with Ibanez and was even given a prototype Falchion 7, becoming the first player in the world to own one. Jelous? Damn right." Featured as 1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods!

Amit Sharma - Metal Hammer UK

“This is Metal with Go Faster Stripes. This is what happens when classical skill and the cold north collide. This her first festival, The CIC not only can hit notes that shatters glass and blow the lights out, but shreds her 7string to oblivion. This Banshee caused my balls to be sucked in to hide somewhere near my liver.The CIC opens with Evolution, a lyrical criticism of science to destroy any professor and the catchy Dropout. These are songs with critical lyrics. The Commander provides a complexity finishing with a vocal middle finger to money in the metal aria THOU. I need to make my way trough the crowded tent past the air guitarists to go and find my testicles.”

"Just heard your version of Paranoid and just wanted to say how amazingly brutal and shred it is \m/ The entire industry should be standing at attention when the commander walks in."

Bob Marino, CEO - Official FN Radio

“I did not expect to see the Sophie tent that full at midday on the Friday. I did not expect to see a three piece fronted by the most immaculately presented female vocalist and guitarist shredding away on the coolest green seven string guitar.However, all this counts for little if they haven’t the tunes or the chops to back it up but I can tell you here that, well, they have. And then some. Commander In Chief are ostensibly a solo project, fronted by The Commander, a seven string virtuoso with a four octave voice, she and her other two band members filled the Sophie stage with superb songs, a fantastic sound and no little charisma. The crowd appreciated what they were seeing, “F***ing UNBELIEVABLE!” was how the punter next to me described it.The coolest person in the tent, even under those stage lights and that jacket, after having made the Sophie stage her own for half an hour it was time to bid farewell to a crowd that were most definitely under her spell, or should that be comm”

"I heard her song like four times! Wow! Addictive voice and sweet sound of the end of the world guitar! Just amazing, strong and it´s like "electricity. It is very Matrix soundtrack record for a fight!"

Arturo Mora - Stereofilia Radio, Costa Rica

“A sizeable crowd filled up the Sophie Lancaster stage tent for the performance of THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, hailing from Norway, and bedecked in a stunning light blue military jacket, The Commander-in-Chief was a pure boost of guitar shredding force that swept through the arena and had the whole Sophie tent rocking, a perfect way to kick things off for what was set to be a stunning weekend.”

"She certainly is in command when it comes to her instruments, both her classically trained four-octave vocal range and her seven-string prototype Ibanez ax!" Featured as the Hottest Chick in Hard Rock in the July/August issue 2012

“I find your music a masterpiece of originality there is no other sound to compare it to, a mix of metal, and a little twist of pop, combined with hard rock”

“Evolution is a perfectly fitting name for this EP, from the mysterious Commander in Chief, Track 1 kicks in and its a pure example of “where the hell did this come from”, pure adrenalin from the outset and masterfully performed. Yes the Commander is the next evolution in Metal. She is one of the most extraordinary talents I have come across in a long time, Operatically trained vocalist, superb songwriter and a guitarist that will blow any seasoned veteran off the stage. When you come to terms with the fact that she is younger than 25 years then you begin to understand what a legend she is in the making. The Commander’s song writing and lyric style is insightful showing a very wise grasp on the world for someone so young. Having witnessed the success she has gained in the last three months, its been truly astonishing. This EP is a must own so in years to come you can show it to your grandchildren and say....yup i was there at the start of her career”

"The Commander in Chief will have you standing at attention to the power of rock, pop, crunch and vocal styling that give the sense that she is destine for stardom. Her power & drive to succeed can be felt through every riff, shred and specifically in her voice. All combined its a delivery of powerful and genuine rock that makes you tap your foot and finds it's way always in your head. Raw energy, great hooks, and simply amazing songs best describes the exceptionally gifted artistry that is The Commander in Chief. "

Bob Marino - Official FN Radio

“The guitar is immediately all over the place on opener “Evolution”. You’ll hear shredding solos on top off rolling riffs. The axe work is extremely contagious and forces you to bang your head. The instrumental break introduces different styles of guitar playing. A more trashy sound is followed by pure guitar frenzy. “Famous” quickly transforms into a riff monster with chorus vocals in the vein of Guano Apes’s “Lords Of The Board”. “Let It Go” has a much slower pace but is heavy as hell. A more radio friendly track with higher sung vocals in a more gothic metal style! “Thou” is another full speed track with squeaky guitars on a high octane boost! The vocals also sound more aggressive. When you’re a sucker for fast and heavy axe work you just have to listen to this EP. It will blow your mind. The Commander is obviously inspired by several virtuoso but has managed to develop her own style. All the tracks sound fresh and make you instantly grab your air guitar an”

"Her music is fantastic, incorporating power, melodies, passion & inspiration; no mean feat for an artist in this day & age, not to mention a female doing business in what can be described as a male dominated genre! It was a real pleasure to talk with her, to listen to her talk about her influences & aspirations, plus play her records on the show. It opened my eyes to a fast-rising star, & if The Commander-In-Chief isn't on your MP3 player, then there's something wrong with you!"

Big Jim - The Rock Show, UK

"The Commander in Chief is no less than a double threat to the metal world. Not only can she sing her ass off, and I mean sing (she is classically trained in opera with a vocal range of D3 to B6), and hit notes so high that glass shatters and dogs look at each other and go “what the fuck,” this 21-yr old Norwegian born shredder mangles the fretboard of her 7 string Ibanez RG 7620 with untapped ability and lightning speed.‘Battle For The Mind’ is year end, top list material. "

Ken - Metalbuzz.net

“It is only a matter of time before the Evolution EP from The Commander-In-Chief has you stalled in your tracks, grinning deliriously, and drooling eagerly from shredding of the highest order. From the off the four track release grabs the ear with a tight metal grip demanding attention and respect but before long the full impact of the musicianship and power within, as one delves deeper floods through from an EP which is deeply impressive. She is one of the most impressive emerging artists to badger and implore the ear for attention in a long while. She does not just ask and demand but backs up her request with skills and creativity that many others long for after decades as a musician. Singer, songwriter and a thoroughly mesmeric exponent of her 7 string guitar, Evolution is a dramatic and vibrant release that opens up metal to many opportunities and choices. Already from the evidence on the EP she is stretching boundaries and supposed limitations.”

"Once in a while you hear one that stops you dead in your tracks and forces you to sit up and pay close attention. For all you metal heads out there that like your guitarists Long haired, muscular guys who can shred their way through anything, I’m about to change your perception.. enter a young lady in her early 20s who looks simply amazing, writes her own material, sings her own material…and wait for it…..Can play a guitar…..not only that but she makes a lot of her male counterparts look like amateurs. She is about to take the rock world by storm, Her debut EP Evolution is refreshing, thrilling and as soon as you press the play button on the cd it hits you like a brick wall. Her powerful mastery of the guitar is a joy to listen to, and again in this she is very very distinctive preferring to play an Ibanez Falchion 7 string guitar, of which she is the only person in the world to own this instrument, and she has tamed it easier than house training a domestic cat."

"The Commander In Chief's EP Evolution is four tracks of shred-tasticness! This 22 year old young lady sets her seven string Ibanez Falchion aflame with her skill; skill that doesn't end on guitar strings. No, the Commander is also an accomplished songwriter and singer. Her songs on this EP focus on the injustice and egotism of society from corporations to celebrities and the "rest" of us as well. Produced by Sterling X (Pantera), Evolution boasts the distinguishment of being completely raw; no tuning vocals, no altered time patterns or looping, no doctoring whatsoever. The Commander plays every guitar and sings every note. Each song is tight and reminds that shred metal is not just a realm of metal for the guys and reinforces that it's still a force to be reckoned with in the world of music."

"Her Imperial Highness of Shred Hath Arrived. The Commander-In-Chief is an absolutely astonishing entry into the world of hard rock and metal. The 22-year-old Norwegian is a feral 7-string shred master. Add to that she is also a dynamic vocalist with a four octave range. Since 2008 she’s studied the old school Italian Bel Canto technique with daily singing lessons. She speaks four languages, has lived all over the world (Norway, Italy, U.S., U.K.) and plays her own Ibanez prototype 7 string Falchion. And for those out there who look first and listen later, she’s also a rock goddess, who could easily model rather than metal. Thank goodness her brain is as vast as her talent and beauty. In short, she’ll rock your ass off and doesn’t even expect you to know her name. Not that she ever gave it to you anyway. She is ready for global domination. Her music mixes traditional metal influences with elements of punk, prog and power metal and even a touch of pop"