The Coming Dawn / Press

"The Coming Dawn have always carried themselves professionally and promoted their shows well in a business where local bands often expect much more and deliver much less."

Jay Tilyard - Chop Shop

"The Coming Dawn has proved time and time again to be a prime example to the rest of the Charlotte music scene of how a rock band should work. They promote their butts off in a logical way that many bands sometimes neglect to do in today's ADHD musical world. And when they perform- they match their promoting ambition to their on-stage ambition, delivering a top-knotch, professional, and captivating show that makes you want more."

Lisa Barr - Tremont Music Hall

"The Coming Dawn were good self promoters, good attitude, did what they said and showed up on time. They listened to my rules and dealt with issues professionally. The fans enjoyed their music and they sounded good, I will have them back anytime!"

Mike Noble - The Bonu5 Room

“The Coming Dawn is one of those bands that is hard to lump into any specific genre because they seem to pull from several different genres to make their sound, which is a cerebral journey in a musical wonderland.”

“I listen to all types of music, I am a true music fan. You guys do have a clean rock sound that is also heavy. Finding that combination is even better.”

Ashley Zukoski

“Distinctively dramatic, dreamily dazed, this band is something special indeed. Delving into what happens from now up to "The Coming Dawn", this is the music of inevitability, apocalypse, & rebirth.”

“You guys are Awesome! I saw you at the Chop Shop and you rocked my FACE OFF! Your music is really unique, can't wait to hear more.”

Rosemary - Fan

“This band is amazing!! Most powerful performance I've seen in a long time. I don't understand how these guys aren't huge!”

John - Fan

“I don’t really know what else to say about The Coming Dawn other than wow, that was awesome. The music here doesn’t follow convention or try to be something it’s not, instead using the tracks to make your mind wander, taking you to a new place and making you alter your perspective on what music should be.”

“Dramatic yet clean at times, powerful yet melodic throughout, this is music which you don’t listen to, you experience and feel it. My feeling on this one is very simple, get me a copy of the album as soon as physically possible then get your asses on tour over here in the UK – the world needs to hear this music!”

“Their sound was original... Their versatility was notable and their stage presence, passionate for their craft...they maintained the energy of the night and rocked the stage for us all.”

“I was transported to another world from the first note.”

Scott - Fan

“They really drop the rhythm on your face!”

James - Fan

"Wow, you guys are innovative. I love it!"

Rio Wallace - Musician / Fan