The Colt Walkers / Press

“It’s a lot harder to write a good country song without being trite than you might think and The Colt Walkers really nail it.”

“This is bar-room roots-rock that three generations can dance to at once.”

“...an album that is enjoyable, fun and different from anything coming out of Nashville, let alone Ames.”

“[I]t's great music, written, played and sung by excellent musicians who handle ballads and rock anthems equally well. These are songs that stay with you, that you'll find yourself humming days after you've first heard them.”

“The band’s upcoming debut album, “Trail of Blood and Broken Hearts,” captures the rugged spirit and stomping energy at the core of the Colt Walker sound since the band’s inception in 2012. The album blends gut-bucket blues, whiskey-bent honky tonk and American folk music into a potent concoction just as capable of renewing hearts as it is breaking them.”

“These guys have been stepping up their sound lately and incorporating an unmistakable hint of rock into their rootsy sound.”

“This is definitely a local band worth knowing: They play a tasteful mix of solid original songs mixed in with classic from the likes of Hank Williams and other golden legends. They are an all-around solid unit that is just as good for sitting and toe-tapping as they are for standing and dancing.”

"Pulling from a variety of genres, The Colt Walkers pull from blues, country, folk and gospel to make their sound. The blending of these different styles creates sweet melodies and foot-tapping beats and storytelling lyrics."