The Coffis Brothers / Press

“After their KPIG debut, The Coffis Brothers (Jamie and Kellen Coffis) and their backing band, The Mountain Men (Kyle Poppen, Mason Hutchinson and Henry Chadwick) have been a hot ticket in the Santa Cruz area with good reason. Born and raised in the misty hills of Ben Lomond, the Coffis Brothers mix a blend of folk, country and rock with the intensity of personal lyrics into a gritty and often tender harmony of sound. This Friday will mark the release of their first full-length album, The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men, at a show that delivers one part Avett Brothers and one part early Neil Young for a full night of dancing and fun.”

“On “Love On My Side,” off of their debut album, they wonder, if “life is really just a battle with time, and I’m sick and tired of waiting in line, when will that arrow point at me?” Turns out they don’t need Cupid’s assistance, since locals have fallen fast for these budding folk rockers. The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men was released on June 17, after four days in Gadgetbox Recording Studio, with the help of producer Andy Zenczak and friends, The Mountain Men: bassist Mason Hutchinson, drummer Henry Chadwick, and guitarist Kyle Poppen. “We are all more than satisfied with the results because there is a nice mix of impatience and spontaneity on the record, which gives it a kind of personality,” says Jamie. Their easygoing disposition shines through too; Jamie admits they’re “pretty damn near 50/50 on songwriting … it kind of sounds like we could have written each other’s songs.””

“Let’s say someone took the Santa Cruz Mountain-grown vintage Americana of Devil Makes Three, mixed it with the familial element of the Avett Brothers and sprinkled in a taste of Old Crow Medicine Show hero-worship—they just might have come up with something that sounds like the Coffis Brothers. Born and bred in Ben Lomond, Jamie and Kellen Coffis first debuted their boot-tapping folk rock on KPIG's "Please Stand By" radio show. Jamie, the elder, plays keyboard and younger Kellen doles out doleful riffs on harmonica while strumming a guitar. At Don Quixote's, the brothers Coffis will be backed by the Mountain Men: Henry Chadwick, Mason Hutchinson and Kyle Poppen.”