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“Here comes the brand new flava! Atlanta based Pop/HipHop/EDM fusion recording artist The Coedz are lauching their new movement with new music and video releases the entire month of February. They have been bubbling under for a short time and they are now poised to make their mark in the industry. After a few member changes and redefining their sound, Kenzie, Loren, and newest member Ashley have locked into the perfect combination. "There's never been a group in music history quite like the Coedz" says iRok University GM Kevin Terrell. "I can't wait for the world to see what I see" he says. The girls have been in the spotlight on the Lifetime TV network as Loren stars in their new docudrama "Double Divas" with the group making guest appearances on several episodes. Their new single "House Party" goes to radio mid February and hits iTunes Feb 19.”

“The CoEdz launch phase 3.0H!! Atlanta based dance, pop, hip hop fusion recording artists "The CoEdz" move into the next phase of their evolution with the launch of 3.0H! The new "semester" features hot new music, hot new looks for Kenzie and Loren and the introduction of the multi talented new member Morgan. "Morgan elevates the group's live show and studio vocal performances to an amazing new level" says Rumba Tech president Kevin Terrell. "I'm extremely proud of the development of Loren and Kenzie as creative songwriters and vocal arrangers" says Terrell. "It's time for the world to see the talented trio". The CoEdz 3.0H also features new music production from K.E. On The Track (Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross), German hitmaker Unik (Pitbull, Tyrese), Isaac Hayes II, Eric "Bluetooth" Griggs (Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks), and songwriters Jensen Vaughn (Kelly Rowland) and Grammy nominated songwriter (and fellow Atlantan) J Que Smith (Usher, Beyonce). Their industry buzz is at an all time high!”

Davin Onery - Music Now magazine

“The CoEdz amazing new music video for "Runway" (directed by KT and Jon Acosta) debuts on VEVO Thursday June 9. The empowering new dance floor banger also will be available on i/tunes and several digital retailers worldwide! Check out the girls on facebook (The Coedz) and twitter: @Coedz”

“THE COEDZ RELEASE "RUNWAY" Atlanta, GA-February 1. 2011 - The Atlanta based trio The Coedz (Loren, Kenzie, and Holli Pop)release their new empowering single "Runway" from their upcoming debut CD. "We're expecting this song to become not only the new National Fashion Anthem, but also that empowering female confidence anthem" says the group's manager Kevin Terrell. The song is designed to move you from the moment the orchestra strikes the first note right through the powerful dance beat kicking in. Runway was produced by Miykal Snoddy who's current hits include Diddy Dirty Money featuring Drake "Lovin' You No More" with new music coming from Nelly Furtado, Trey Songz, Neyo and others. "I've never had this type of positive DJ response so quickly with any song or artist" says Terrell. The song features each member sharing lead vocals and the upcoming video promises to showcase their amazing dance skills, stunning good looks, and their new "Prep Hop" looks. -Ellay, ATL”

“ ATLANTA’S NEW PARTY ANTHEM The Coedz featuring The Undergrads Release “ATL” ATLANTA, GA–September 13, 2010 – The Coedz release their first single, “ATL,” featuring, The Undergrads, from their up-in-coming debut album, RockIt Science. The single, “ATL,” is Atlanta’s new party anthem and tributes the world famous Atlanta club scene. The infectious catchy hook, driving track and creative lyrics will become synonymous with the Atlanta pop culture and sports scene. The single incorporates innovative and fresh fusion of dance pop, hip hop and r&b. Atlanta based breakout dance pop music group The Coedz (Libby, Loren, Kenzie and Holli Pop), are introducing the world to the hot party people of Atlanta and representing their city. The Undergrads (Ronve’ a.k.a. Parker Lewis -The Prep, Ro -The Nerd, E. Credit – The Class Clown and JV-The Ladies Man) grace, “ATL,” with their lyrically-rich exciting rhymes with energetic, melodic vocals. ”