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"Listen to the anthem ‘Jules Verne’ off their latest EP of the same name, and tell me these guys don’t know how to do it. Their unique cross between bands like INXS and Oasis does what this band is good at: sounding familiar and exotic at the same time. The rest of the EP follows this formula closely, leaving almost no stone unturned in carving out a large sound that just might work anywhere in the world. "

"A band that have a very compact sound that is well worked on. They bring some synth into proceedings, but it is added in the right places and when it meets the guitar the results a re truly spectacular. The rhythm is held in check and what you get as the end result is something that gels really well on account of the effort put in."

“They were followed by the Clox, who wrapped up the Thursday night showcase at the club. Man on Earth and the Clox both hail from New York City, and play incredible experimental rock and alternative pop/rock, respectively. The show finished just around midnight, leaving me wondering how I could possibly have bounced around to more showcases – something I’ll have to think about for Friday’s line-up.”

"With a starkness and euro flair that is rarely heard amongst most American indie bands, The Clox are bringing something new to the scene that has as much brooding as it does catchy rhythm.

“The Clox's song "Faces" of the album "Ready to Starve" has been chosen by The Caribean Joe Web Site as the #3 out 23 "Toe Tapping Tunes" alongside songs by Sting, Madonna, 311, Weezer, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Santana, etc.”

"Already Done" music video was featured on the New York Deli Main Webpage.

“The Clox "Won the crowd over by the end of the set,"”

"Awesome song by the clox!" - DJ Top Twenty about the song "Already Done"

"Jules Verne" was chosen as song of the day for January 9th, 2012 by Joey Voodoo Lifestyle.

"Already Done" music video was chosen as part of the WoelliJ's Music Playlist alongside Feist, Radiohead, and Oasis

“Full interview with The Clox printed by Vents Magazine.”

"After they were done, local superstars Clox band took stage on the outside patio. It was an excellent night full of good music, positive people and more.

"Already Done" music video was featured on Cap'n Carrot Blog

"Already Done" music video was featured on Dads Big Plan Blogg.

"Already Done" music video was featured on The Indie Browser

"Already Done" music video was chosen as "todays favorites" on February 6th, 2012 alongside bands like Arcade Fire and Magnetic Fields.