The Clay Jeffrey Band / Press

"His songwriting is deep, well considered, thought provoking and in short, stellar. While the band is only a the three-piece, it fills a room with the authority of ZZ Top in their glory days."

Charles McClure, Editor - Lake Travis View

"If you’re thirsting for a new musical adventure, then look no further than The Clay Jeffrey Band. Simply put, no one on the Austin music scene — or even the nationally — melds so many influences into a unique sound. The result? Something rarely found in music circles, originality"

Charles McClure, Editor - Lake Travis View

"The Clay Jeffrey Band---Smokin' Hot...gotta check him out!!"

Lubbock Online

"Clay is a fine guitar player with a style unlike any of the other up and comers. He's one heck of a melodic poet."

Doug Moreland - The Doug Moreland Show.

“ "The man plays good, sings good, and writes some pretty damn good songs."”

Rusty Wier - Texas Music Legend

"In a town, Austin Texas, where you can't swing a dead cat around your head without hitting a singer/songwriter, Clay Jeffrey stands head and shoulders above the rest. His music is well crafted and his words come from deep within his soul. Catch him now so you can say ""I saw him when""

Johnny Walker - KLBJ-FM

“A trip around the fretboard through a country/blues amalgam and a Monte Montgomery style of hybrid pop with a more notable lean to Americana. ”