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“In November, 2011, punk rockers The Class Assassins recorded an eight song set live in studio at CIUT FM in Toronto. Now the tracks are available as Equalize X Distort, The Studio 3 Sessions. The album contains six renditions of Class Assassins tracks from previous albums, and two great covers; Breaking the Law by Judas Priest and Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Included amongst the original Class Assassins tracks is the exceptionally catchy Treason, from the recently released The Treason 45 EP. The great thing about this album is that the tracks are presented in their raw form without any fancy studio wizardry. This accomplishes two things. First, the album feels real and gritty, and preserves the classic Class Assassins sound. Second, it shows just how talented this band really is since it sounds pretty clear from the first track that all these guys need to kick ass is their instruments, and a spot to play them in.”

“THE CLASS ASSASSINS - Equalize X Distort - The Studio 3 Sessions: November, 2011 the Class Assassins entered the studio and recorded 8 tracks with no over-dubs or other studio trickery. What you get for your money is a raw and no frrills package of great Rock N Roll how it should be played. There's one new studio track on this release and other tracks I presume have been written at other times. The Class Assassins also cover Judas Priest (Breaking The Law) and Creedence Clearwater Revival (Fortunate Son) and in fairness they're pretty good covers too! There are only 100 hard copies of this release so if you want one of them you'd better move fast. Not to worry this is also available in digital download. If you've never heard the Class Assassins before then this release is a great place to start! 8/10”

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“Loud, aggressive, angry and politically aware, that sums up Toronto, Ontario’s Class Assassins.You’ve Got It All Wrong, sees the Class Assassins back with not only a full length album, but according to their page, playing lots of shows. As they should be, if this record is any indication, they are a strong and intelligent street punk band. It isn’t too often that you hear a band of this style write a song about the environment, but that is what makes these guys great, they step outside of stereotypes, “Stop The World” proves this. There is not only thought put into lyrics, and an angry punk delivery but there are definitely pop overtones at work here as well, an attempt to deliver their message to the masses I am sure (as the poppiness of the songs do not overtake them and ruin them). “Empty Dollar” for example is one of the catchiest tunes I have heard in the last year, though it is the third track on the album, it draws me back into the album as a whole every time I lis”

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“THE CLASS ASSASSINS - Treason 45: There's some good tunes being released of late and this Class Assassins 7" is no different. Sadly there's only two tunes on this release but they are both guitar fuelled tunes that are catchy as fuck! These guys really know how to rock out in style! Hopefully this single should be the lead to a new album being released so please watch this space. 'Treason' is the lead track on this release which is a great rock n roll tune to get those air guitars out and jump about. Timeless number for sure! Not far behind is 'Start Again' another great tune that isn't too far behind tune wise. Its great to see Anti-Fascist bands of this quality banging out some decent music with well written lyrics. You're going to love The Class Assassins – I promise! 8/10”

“Toronto streetpunks The Class Assassins have followed up their brilliant 2010 full length You’ve Got It All Wrong with a new EP titled The Treason 45. The release includes two new tracks on 7” vinyl. Side A, Treason, blends the bands classic stripped down punk rock sound with a heavy back beat to produce a song that is legitimately catchy and memorable. I received the album a day ago and have probably heard this song a dozen times since. The B Side is a song titled Start Again which is more reminiscent of You’ve Got It All Wrong. It’s a straight forward punk rock anthem expertly crafted to incite the listener to sing along and throw back a pint for the working class. The Treason 45 only has one problem; it leaves the listener wanting more, and that’s a quality problem to have. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be looking forward to the next full length. Check The Class Assassins out and order The Treason 45 at Rebel Time Records.”

““Honest and stripped down quality street punk n’ roll from this Toronto outfit that boasts veterans from notables Vacant Lot and The Problem Children, among others. Big, catchy Oi!-flavored sing-alongs rule the day.””

““This is European-style streetpunk with a frenetic, melodic edge. It’s a catchy and captivating foot-stompin’ aural romp…””


““Merging together amidst the ashes of various Canadian street punk acts such as the Vacant Lot, Chronic Submission, and the Problem Children, Toronto’s Class Assassins kick it in a Stiff Little Fingers/Sham 69 kinda way.””

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““Trading in shout-along working class anthems, this five-piece outfit knows a good sloganeering chorus when they see it – and boast thug-like backing vocals to boot, just so you don’t miss their meaning. This is tuneful punk in the vein of Bad Religion, with lots of familiar yet memorable hooks…””

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