The Civilians / Press

"Vegas Oi! band the Civilians...supercharged punk that should keep your Mohawk fully erect!"

“New bands worth scouting on the local music scene (#4)...Working-class punk. Think: Social Distortion and Rancid, Vegas style...The Civilians are all about staying true to their roots.”

“...the crowd seem to like them... they did a cool Exploited cover (Dead Cities). They're sort of Punk, but not too hard about it. I would say in the middle somewhere.”

“They're mining the vein of bands before them like the Rich Kids, Eddie And The Hot Rods, or maybe even Crime - you know, really well played songs with an attitude - part Pub Rock, part Punk Rock, part Rock 'N' Roll, part Oi!, part whatever. The band is tight and rehearsed...the Civilians finished up their set completely knackered and drenched in sweat and various body fluids and to generous amounts of applause from everyone in attendance, which was cool, because they earned every bit of it. Great set from the Civilians.”

“The first night of Punk Rock Bowling consisted of a few different club shows, making it hard to choose which one to go to. But of all, I would say due to the special guest headliner, the most anticipated one was the one held at Azul Tequila. Opening the show were Las Vegas natives, The Civilians. They had a very short time to play, but they made sure to keep the attention drawn with their fast oi influenced music. During the last song the singer asked if everyone wanted them to leave, but instead the crowd cheered them on to keep playing.”