The CHERYL HODGE Group / Press

“A masterfully produced contemporary [Chicago] jazz/blues release (ROOTS DON'T LIE) that is fresh and vivid. World class performances and arrangements - A must for any true music lover's collection. ”

“ABOUT INDIGO CD: "Anybody with ears would cite Cheryl Hodge as the Real Thing." ”

"With her most recent album release, INDIGO; talented vocalist/composer Cheryl Hodge shines on this fantastic jazz performance. Hodge’s gift of music is thoroughly enjoyed with her vocals that are polished and sophisticated."

“**** "Live and Alive" shows (Hodge's) striking gifts; especially her full and powerful voice...shining most prominently on the bluesier tunes... Her 8ve leaps and pitch-perfect landings evoke Portland great Nancy King, while her bluesier side is reminiscent of Ernestine Anderson. Her song, Before Sunset, also reveals her ability to write and execute advanced harmonies..."”

Lynn Darroch - The Oregonian

"Hodge.... has a wide range and a lot of ideas. She will follow a melody, break into a scat improv, experiment with phrasing, intonation, even breathing... "

Queue Magazine, Vancouver Sun

"Hodge has a striking voice. Her range is impressive...."

Kyle O'Brien - Jazz Society of Oregon

“Hodge will offer treats for everyone who loves smoky, atmospheric jazz vocals and a tight little combo. ”

Spokesman - Review, Spokane, Wash.