The Chapmans / Press

"The Chapmans are one of those bands I've been listening to since I first started playing. I've always been a fan of their music, and they are sounding better than ever! This is a band you definitely wanna see if you get a chance!"

Sierra Hull

““The Chapmans are one of the highest energy, great sounding groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. I love their music and am a fan, you should be too! ”

Ben Isaacs - The Isaacs

"Go see the Chapmans - You'll love it!"

-Andy Falco- The Infamous Stringdusters - The Infamous Stringdusters

““…Simple Man makes clear, The Chapmans transcend the “family bluegrass band” label with a solidly rooted style and an abundance of major league talent.””

Nashville Scene

““The expressive, crystal clear harmonies, the accomplished, thoughtful soloing, and most importantly, and effortless sense of groove make The Chapmans required listening for anyone exploring the wonderful and complex world of bluegrass.””

Chris Thile - Punch Brothers / Nickel Creek

"I would say that they have wonderfully succeeded and have achieved their place in the national bluegrass spotlight. “Simple Man” is the album that will dispel any lingering doubts about their national prominence."

““The Chapmans are one of the greatest bands in the Bluegrass Industry. With superb vocals and a strong sense of timing and melody, they know the meaning of true bluegrass. These guys are my favorite band around.””

Sammy Shelor - The Lonesome River Band

"...an absolutely superb album, loaded with quality tunes, all marvelously performed with John Chapman’s gutsy vocal style, supported by the tasty harmonies and great instrumentation from the family and their lineup of special guests."

Country Music News

““I feel like I’ve just discovered a new flavor of ice cream! An original creation all their own. Great listening!” ”

Rhonda Vincent - Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

““From the first note to the last you’ll hear more than just a good CD.... It’s the project that will take The Chapmans to the next level. This is not just a must buy, it will be a favorite of yours and mine.””

Marty Raybon - Full Circle / Shenandoah