The Castros / Press

“Led by vocalist Sara Castro’s cooling croon, “My Dear” starts out as a quiet, plaintive ballad that quickly evolves into a percussive, slinky Civil Wars-esque groove. Perfect for the season, “My Dear” will definitely end up on a lot of playlists this fall”

“If you listen closely to their self-described indie-pop folk, you can hear elements of salsa music, heavy metal and classic rock. Not the average recipe for music made by two acoustic guitars and minimal percussion, but they pushed each other in the right directions to create something that is different and familiar all at the same time.”

“There is something that differentiates this from the "coffee house" crowd. The haunting & beautiful voice, the simplicity of the music, and the sincere delivery shines a light on an amazing composition of a pop legend. Well done. ***On our rendition to Billie Jean by MJ”

"... they've infused their sounds with the influence of everything from Latin rhythms to classic folk. A musical feast for the heart, some may say. And we agree"

“This World (The Tiny Airplane) is one of those great, powerful songs that can take you to another, better place. Lovely, soft, lilting melody; beautiful singing.”

“The Castros are doing meaningful work to further a cultural conversation. The next time you find yourself in central Ohio you might walk into a coffee shop or other venue and hear The Castros. I hope you do...”

“Discovered these guys while looking for a cool opening band in Columbus, Ohio and was blown away. Such a cool vibe and a great sound”

“Columbus 200 Song Contest Winner”