The Casanova Playboys / Press

“The Casanova Playboys don't need to rely on high-fashion duds to seduce new listeners. High-energy dance-rock bursting with jaunty guitars, infectious synth/piano melodies, echoes of the '80s and Jamie Star's sassy lyrics.”

Sandra Sperounes - Edmonton Journal

“Pop-Rock Playboys woo you with looks and sounds. A slick affair of radio-friendly pop-rock on a funk foundation that- like the group- isn't afraid to show a little gloss.”

Zoltan Varadi - Ed Magazine

“The 14-track Low Noise—an album filled with original vibes, excellent sound quality and influences said to have come from "hot sex!"”

Bryan Saunders - The Gateway

“But of course, like any stereotype, there's always the exception–and man, are The Casanova Playboys ever one.”

Amanda Ash - See Magazine

“Five local Playboys that can put Hugh to shame!”

Mari Sasano - Edmonton Journal