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“Christmas (Stuck at Home) 2020 single "If you, like me, can't stand Christmas music, this might be one for you. All I want for Christmas is songs like this!”

“BEST OF 2020 Late Night Heart EP "Lynne Von Pang's lyrics couldn't ring more true. Blessed with a powerful, appealing voice, clever lyrical turns show an intelligent approach to this good time rock and roll." Live at the Cutting Room LP "Once again adding R n' B saxophone to the mix expands sonic reference points out of 70's punk, pointing back to the 60's and 50's"”

"As the core unit of drums, bass and guitars commence to chug-out this punky-power-pop groove, Lynne Von Pang's richly resonant voice shines above it all. Once again adding R n' B saxophone to the mix expands sonic reference points out of 70's punk, pointing back to the 60's and 50's."

"... where most live albums are there to showcase how the songs you already know sound in a live environment, The Carvels NYC opted to record new songs. I dig how they took a chance and made the best of the whole situation"

“The Carvels NYC, one of America’s great treasures, return with three more blues-drenched explosions of swinging, punk-inspired rock n’ roll. With their focus on rollicking guitar, wailing saxophone, and Lynne Von Pang’s distinctly powerful voice, Carvels NYC sound like a band from a different era but are urgently needed now.”

“...splendid slab of sax laden glam punk stomp from The Carvels NYC on Late Night Heart. The song has a certain bullish swagger about it as it bounces along showcasing Lynne Von Pang’s rich powerful vocal perfectly. The band then perform a smash ‘n’ grab raid on The Shangri La’s classic Out in the Streets, ramping up the guitars and the tempo and making it their own. Both that and Bitter Pill again feature the lush saxophone of Danny Ray, the latter song bringing the bands punkier element to the fore. Three flashes of NYC brilliance.”

"with Lynne Von Pang’s robust voice leading the band through anything but the motions, it doesn’t take long to figure out that all you really need to get through the apocalypse is a saxophone"

"Late Night Heart somehow has a bit of The Misfits Project 1950 vibe. It fits them like a glove."

“LATE NIGHT HEART by THE CARVELS NYC - best songs of 2019 list”

“Under the Radar - Top Live NYC bands to catch live in 2020!”

“BEST OF 2019 "Led by the charismatic Lynne Von Pang on lead vocals and rhythm guitar... the classic downtown NYC rock and roll sound."”

“THE CARVELS NYC have a new video out called Late Night Heart .. I love LYNNE VON and her voice ..... She rules.....”

"The Carvels NYC crank out a brand of rock & roll that's equal parts punk, garage rock and girl-group pop. The sassy and stylish chanteuse LVP (Trick Babys, Da Willys) belts out urgently romantic entreaties as Dave Spinley responds with boisterous sax lines and guitarist Brian Morgan surrounds her with leering Johnny Thunders–style licks."

"Fun, sax-laden rock’n’roll. I love how seamlessly the sax work is integrated into these songs. All too often, a band will throw some sax into the mix but it’s just frosting haphazardly smeared on top. Here, it’s baked into the cake, an essential ingredient. This band is led by singer/guitarist LVP, who led a band called Trick Babys back in the Go-Kart Records days ...I thought they were pretty rad so it’s nice to hear her again. Her voice is absolutely perfect for this type of rock’n’roll—powerful and wild. I’m looking forward to a full length!"

"(The Carvels NYC) draw their sonic influences from the best of the times – early punk (American style) and the trashy side of rock ‘n’ roll – and the three songs on this EP are more than capable of forcing that frown right off your face with the quirky humour that underpins “I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy” elevating the song to singalong status. Throw in the streetwise vocal style of LVP and the step back in time sax of Dave Spinley and everything falls neatly into sonic synchronicity.... they will undoubtedly bring joy to the ears of those who value their honest approach to the making of music in these synthetic days."

““The garage-punk fueled pop of The Carvels NYC... Led by the charismatic LVP on lead vocals and rhythm guitar... ripped through a lively set of what is considered the classic downtown NYC rock and roll sound. The title track from their latest EP “Life Is Not A Waiting Room” is a two and a half minute chugger that's equal parts NY Dolls and The Shangri-Las."”

"These three new songs (Life is not a Waiting Room EP) are top notch again. I hope this band can keep writing songs this good....After pressing play I thought for 10 seconds I was listening to a very rocky track by the Boss (which I consider to be a good thing). That sax just does that. But then Lynne starts singing and that just changes the whole equation, making it undeniably a The Carvels NYC song. In my review of Everything With You Is A Travesty I said that her voice is the strong selling point for this band. It still is! I also said I was looking forward to more music. The band delivered.

"This is some saxophone-heavy power pop, with forceful vocals projected by rhythm guitarist LVP...some partypop moments that would feel right at home in a live set opening for the RUBINOOS...I would expect they have a fully entertaining stage presence, and know how to show the audience the good times."

"...if you like a bit of '60's girl band with your punk rock, you'll love this...it's great to hear some crafted poppy New Wave for a change. Oh yeah it's on blue vinyl to boot!"

Eaten Alive Punk Zine

"...LVP's vocals give a husky twist to the mid-1960s girl groups’ genre; Morgan's leads are rooted in 1950s rockabilly; Spinley's wailing sax runs similarly reigned in a vintage rock and roll sound. The songs contrast unpolished, intensive rock immediacy with sweet, romantic pop hooks. On all counts, the Carvels NYC blast a striking, gritty garage rock bite with ample room for playfulness.

"If you do not love the Carvels, you do not love rock n’ roll...swagger and attitude wrapped around angst-fueled talent...“Life is not a Waiting Room”, a track that jumps out of the speakers with a blaring sax from “Sweet” David Spinley, rousing guitar, and Von Pang’s snarky and richly melodic vocals. Incorporating classic NYC punk vibes with rock’s original sense of bombast...The Carvels NYC craft sharp lyrics...garage meets doo-wop approach showcasing Lynne Von Pang's dynamic vocal range and masterful delivery."

"The Life is Not a Waiting Room EP features Waiting Room, Fell in Love with a Dead Boy and Scarcity. The two tracks on the first side of the EP are gritty bluesy saxophone infused garage punk complementing LVP’s powerful while deeply warming honeyed vocal. On the flipside, Scarcity has dipped its toes in 1960’s adding an overall Shangri-La’s type sheen to the song. Love them. Get it now from Tarbeach Records."

"The Carvels NYC play five blasts of flawlessly executed garage punk with a healthy injection of pop fun. LVP is the inarguable star here, singing with a snarl dipped in delicious sarcasm. The bluesy, controlled “Questioningly” is led by the sax playing of Dave Spinley, but the band then instantly shifts into surf-punk overdrive on “You make Me Want to be Alone”, which is another scathing break-up anthem. “It Wasn’t My Idea to Break Your Heart” and “I Don’t Know What to do With You” are rare pearls that sound like the Runaways and the Shangri-Las sharing the same rehearsal space, with the latter highlighted by Brian Morgan’s guitar work. Complete with beautiful gatefold artwork and awesome stickers, The Carvels NYC do everything right!"

"Quintessential NYC at it's best, the catchy tunes grab your imagination and will have you movin' and boppin'. LVP sings from her heart and delivers with a dash of panache on this, the latest from The Carvels NYC."

"Catchy, Edgy, Smart Classic Punk and CBGB-Era Sounds From the Carvels NYC" "The five-piece band have a fearless, sarcastic punk sense of humor and an endless supply of catchy hooks...a mashup of the Ramones and the Dickies...adding some neat Chuck Berry-via-Cheetah Chrome lead guitar"

"The five songs on here are a soundtrack to good times...The Carvels NYC prove that when done correct, a sax can be a perfectly fine addition to a punk band...the biggest selling point here is LVP's voice. I don’t know to whom to compare it, but after spinning this EP a couple of times I want more!"

"The Carvels are known for mixing old-school girl group vibes with serious messages about womanhood and anger..."

"Killer EP, it's the bees knees! I'm over the moon, great songs!"

"Inspired by modern feminist writers like Virgie Tovar, Jes Baker and Roxanne Gay, among others...Cherry Pie Pictures director, M.N. Kinski, splices the look and feel of 1960s and ‘70s daytime television commercials with modern-day LVP, sharply spoofing the “American housewife” of those times. “I’m talking about the scarcity mentality; the beauty myth, diet culture and all the other antiquated ideals that oppress women and female-identifying people. This song is the about the joy of finally being free from these restrictions—ditching toxic relationships and having fun breaking the rules.” With a sound that’s part girl group, part punk, “Scarcity” is a lighthearted sing-along with a serious message."

"The Carvels NYC write songs steeped in NYC attitude. They are a driving rock and roll outfit with swagger and grit. Fans of the NY Dolls and The Ramones will bop to the sounds of The Carvels NYC."

"Imagine the offspring of The Ramones and The Ronettes and you have The Carvels NYC... There is not a sinker on this EP. All 5 songs are a force to be reckoned with.... Order this record now!"

"What a singer...her voice is a bray of life"

Village Voice

"Throaty Shangri La growling...a leather lunged singer with excellent control."

Trouser Press