The Capsules / Press

"The superb album "Northern Lights And Southern Skies" which brightened up yesterday's working day to no end."

Burning World

"The Capsules are one of those bands that, upon discovery, made my heart flutter for music all over again."

Janey Criss - The Silver Tongue

"We all need a little more whimsy in our lives. Luckily, The Capsules can provide a little of that and much more. The trio released its wonderful new album, Northern Lights and Southern Skies, last month."

John - The Majestic Show

“The Capsules’ latest effort, Northern Lights & Southern Skies, an effort that I suspect will blow up on the blogosphere - it’s a slick bit of sugary and danceable pop reminiscent of Shiny Toy Guns and Garbage. Check out their newest single, “Time Will Only Tell.”

Joy of Violent Movement

“Our Apocalypse” melds distorted beats, swirls of charging synths, and Shields’ eerie vocals into something grandiose but also oddly intimate. The distortion rises into the rafters while her voice beckons the listener ever nearer. She has worlds to describe and not much time to do so. So I’d listen close if I were you.”

Joshua Pickard - Beats Per Minute

“The Capsules’ Northern Lights and Southern Skies is a well thought out, finished album. It uses quirky electronic sound and poetic lyrics to create a playlist perfect for staying up all night and contemplating life.”

The Fire Note

"It’s the kind of moment that has the ability to pick your day up at the drop of a hat, and it’s moments like that transition that we as music appreciators look for. Luckily for us, Northern Light & Southern Skies provides no shortage of them over the course of it’s ten songs, making it all the more a requirement for future listening queues."

Striker Bill - Striker Bill

“Indie pop with a distinctive electronic presence and ‘girl-next-door’ comfort in the lyrical delivery; perfect for a dreary winter afternoon.”

The Dadada

“We’ll suffice it to say that one listen of these guys and you’ll be hooked.”

Brendon - Music Under Fire