Candy Band / Press

"So is "High Five" good? Hell yeah it is!! 12 songs that would hold its own right next to Iggy, and Lemmy. Yes they are kids songs, but kids songs that rock.”

Global Punk Review

"These four stay-at-home moms from Detroit have a wide appeal"

People Magazine

"One of the Best new kids CDs of 2003"

New York Post

“This is a high-energy, high-fun album that's accessible to any family not afraid to rock a little. "High Five" is Candy Band's best album and my new favorite punk rock album for kids. Definitely recommended.”

““The vocals are great, the singing is plain and clear, the band keeps you rockin’ and rollin’””

Curious Parents Magazine

"Mother Goose meets the Clash!"

USA Today

“Candy Band's High Five is our pick of the week!  This group of rockin' moms from Detroit have been doing punked out versions of classic and modern kids' faves, since 2002...Super fun for the whole fam, and further proof that moms and kids CAN rock out together."”

"A punk edge"

Wall Street Journal

"Detroit moms mix kiddie music with punk. Finally!