The Call Out / Press

“These New Jersey rockers proved that life can come complete with its own pop-punk soundtrack, with their new EP, Closer. They grab our No. 2 spot with EP opener, "Over It," and prove that when it comes to their music, you're clearly not.”


“New Jerseys four piece band The Call Out is making waves in the American pop rock scene. While they are still young, they've captured thousands of fans, and earned themselves spots on The Vans Warped Tour and The Bamboozle music festival. Stylistically, The Call Out does not contrast most other pop rock bands, but they are characterized by the rare combination of young energy and mature dynamics. Their recently released album "Closer" displays their most polished sound, and their greatest melodic and rhythmic achievements. They are scheduled to be on tours until the end of the year, so make sure you catch these guys if they come near your town!”

Venture Magazine

“The Call Out have given reality a pop/punk soundtrack with their new EP, Closer. Frustrated by your relationship? There's a song for that. Feeling cheated by life? There's a song for that. Hoping for the best and ready to believe in yourself? Yeah, you guessed it, there's a song for that. They're fusing pop hooks with rocking electric guitars, jamming beats, and soaring vocals to create a sound both well-rounded and sing-along worthy. Bets on how many times you'll spin this start now. Ready, go!”

Alyssa Coluccio