The Byways / Press

"The Byways played an amazing show last weekend at The Grape Room in Manayunk on Saturday night. I was in awe of the bass player, Ben Rose, when he de-tuned during on one of their rock songs [Hot Rod Chevys Hot Rod Fords] and then brought the whole tune back into the key. The sell out crowd loved it and cheered wildly when the song resolved. Watching Forest [singer/guitarist] and Ben feed off one another on stage is a sight to see too. They really work well together and are reminiscent of the Exile period Stones performances. Their harmonies are spot on, and although they bill themselves as part country and part rock and roll, this night was all rock and roll."

“Fast cars, moonshine and Americana – these are the elements comprising The Byway’s brand of rock music. Their guitarist and frontman Forest Glen has spouted a few colorful terms for their sound – “ghetto redneck”, “suburban gangster”, and “American barbecue served on the best grill ever made.””

“...They packed my bar and played some great original Rock N’ Roll music. Everyone in the place, including myself loved every part of their show. Forest plays a great guitar that incorporates blues and country in the same solo. Also The Byways songs are extremely catchy and the tight harmony vocals between Forest and Ben Rose, the bass player, really add to the feel-good BBQ honky-tonk feel of this band. I think this band is great and will surely go places.”

"...I watched as they worked the crowd into a frenzy during fast rock numbers but were also able to bring them down to a soft hush during times of intimacy. In fact, Forest, has the rare gift of being able to stop playing guitar in the middle of a song, tell a far out story, and then bring the whole band back elevating the song to a new level. The crowd loves The Byways and their country-blues sound..."