The Business People / Press

“The guys get local anthem points for titling a track “From NC With Love” on the EP, too. This one's a solid representation of The Business People's strengths: singer/rhythm guitarist Nic Robinson’s vivid vocal delivery, hooks you can’t shake, and one of local rock’s tightest rhythm sections. It’s the kind of fun you can’t emulate.”

“The Business People have numerous influences and aren’t afraid of showcasing familiar rock’n’roll elements with their own style. From space rock to punk to funk, the band is agile and considerate. Standout songs from the EP include the distraught, romantic hopefulness on opener “Cocaine Girl,” featuring call-and-response guitar riffs and an endearing suspended judgement. “Raygun” is a dizzying sampling of the magnitude that The Business People are truly capable of. The steady drums bleed straight into a warbling bass line and the speeds off with electric guitar work. You can feel the band merge at their finest points on this track. “Holy Hell” is a beautiful eruption of light, propelling the listener into the car to set off for the night, whatever it may hold. Spoiler alert, keep “Holy Hell” playing for a soft, watery exit outro.”

“Four time running top five pick of the week on Undergroundmusic.fm”

“The band has built a reputation around Charlotte as a great live act, as no two Business People shows are alike. Their unique indie dance rock sound is sure to entertain any crowd.”

“If your into garage style indie rock, then these guys are definitely for you. They have just finished touring all throughout North Carolina. Although there are no tour dates listed, any spacers in the Carolina areas should be sure to keep there eyes peeled for some upcoming shows.”

“The Business People started off the night, and judging by the X’s on (most of) their hands, these dudes are young! However, that doesn’t seem to be slowing them down a bit as they rocked the big stage and had the crowd singing along throughout their set. They have a serious helping of talent and, given their age, who knows where these kids will end up in five years.”