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“A band with roots in Athens, the Burning River Ramblers, are representing Cleveland in "Hard Rock Rising: Global Battle of the Bands," a worldwide competition sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe. More than 12,000 bands entered the contest, including 100 groups from Cleveland alone. After winning the local round, Burning River Ramblers are now one of 96 acts vying for the title. Full story at http://www.athensnews.com/ohio/article-39671-ne-ohio-band-with-athens-roots-needs-your-help.html”

“Ever since Alan Freed ruled the radio during the early ‘50s, Cleveland has been the home of rock & roll. Half a century later, a new group of rock & rollers are carrying the city’s torch, brewing up their own sound influenced by reggae, blues, folk and alt rock. Ladies and gentleman, meet the Burning River Ramblers... Full story at http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/burning-river-ramblers-start-a-fire”

“The Burning River Ramblers, hailing from both Cleveland and Athens, recently won the local competition at the Hard Rock Cafe. The band now represents Cleveland (and Ohio) against 95 other bands from around the world after nearly 12,000 bands initially entered. The grand prize after all of this? Bands are competing for a chance to play in London, go on a world tour, win $10,000 to Guitar Center, and sign a one-year contract with the Hard Rock Cafe Record Label. Full story at http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2013/04/22/the-burning-river-ramblers-are-vying-for-a-very-cool-opportunity”

“WOUB's Bryan Gibson talked with BRR's Dave Young about the Hard Rock contest, upcoming shows and his group's soft spot for Athens, Ohio. Full story at http://woub.org/2013/04/22/band-ou-roots-represents-ohio-national-contest”

“Cleveland native Conor Standish, the lead singer and songwriter of The Burning River Ramblers, is the grand prize winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Valentine’s Day Love Song Contest, with his song “Stranger on the Street.” Conor won recording gear and an Epi Dot Guitar from Epiphone, and his song will go on to the annual songwriting contest in May 2013, competing for $20,000 cash and a performance at Vans Warped Tour.”

“THE BURNING RIVER RAMBLERS, self-titled (Spacebar) ✰✰✰✰ — While some Pittsburgh listeners may be loathe to listen to any band that calls Cleveland home, I urge Steeler Nation to make an exception with up-and-coming indie rockers the Burning River Ramblers. This gem should expand their fan base beyond Northeast Ohio. The groove-tastic “See Ya Soon” launches the 10- track release and sets the stage for standouts “RussianRoulette,” “Drink Now,” “Two Guns,” “Stranger on the Street” and “Singer Lawyer Man.” This could be the start of something special. Here’s hoping. (JS)”

JS - In Tune The Daily News (Pittsburgh)

“The Burning River Ramblers are indeed a unique bunch of fellas. Their music is alt pop but has bits and pieces of a few other styles. It's kind of hard to put these guys into a box. So I won't try. Let's just say that their music is fun and thoroughly enjoyable.”

“They flow so well, and the vocals, the guitars, the harmonica, they work together seamlessly that creates this very distinctive and lovable sound that you would think would take years to develop. My one word of caution? Be prepared to become addicted on first listen. This is a fun and really great debut.”

“Top 25 Bands to Watch in Cleveland - SEPT 2011”