The Burning Angels / Press

“Rounding out Cunningham’s emotionally-loaded but cerebrally-balanced vocalizing is Natalie Garcia, who harmonizes in that oh-so-sweet Southern way (definitely some June Carter/Johnny Cash dynamic there).”

“That red white & blue guitar, Buck Owens & electric Waylon all influenced Cunningham, right up until the burgeoning music scene around the University of Georgia in the late 1970s, where the neighborhood kids had regular escapades to Wuxtry Records to listen to Television (the band) and then return the opened records.”

“Cunningham takes you to that place where sweet tea, heartbreak and slow trains never get old.”

Patricia Bennett - Underground Sound

“It’s going to be a pretty great week for Southern music in Athens, from blues to folk and beyond. The Burning Angels will embody that Southern spirit, at the same time as distinct as an Allman Brothers guitar solo and as diverse as brands of barbeque sauce produced from Texas to South Carolina.”

“Garcia matches Cunningham’s mistiness with beauty, and the songs have a familiarity that anyone who’s ever had a glass of sweet tea on a front porch will recognize.”

“The Burning Angels new release, Sky Beneath our Feet, demonstrates a fuller & more hopping sound.”

“There is definitely a country feel, but there are elements of old folk and even pop there, too.”

Michelle Gilzenrat - Flagpole Magazine

“Songwriting strikes constantly, even from a word or phrase or life event of a friend. Ideas never leave.”

“The Burning Angels...Hell yes. It even sounds like it will tear your heart out.”

Dan Sumner - Nashville Noise

“Cunningham takes lead vocals with a distinctively raspy, gravelly tone that is sweetened by Garcia's backing vocals.”

"Primary songwriter Mark Cunningham wears his influences on his sleeve, with an organic sound that calls to mind a number of classic country and folk rock acts—from The Byrds to Steve Earle."