The Burned / Press

“soaring, ethereal vocals and haunting guitar.”

“a musical melting pot of country, blues, soul, rock, R&B and psychedelic sounds.”

“ Share In a time when people claim that the world’s end is nigh, Kurt Baumann, from the Burned, has a 12-tracks-long message to share with those who are ready to listen. In his solo debut, Kurt Baumann sets off on an emotional journey that’s in constant flux. The tone starts off dark, then it bleeds into the nostalgic numbers and suddenly the sound is swept up to optimistic. ”

“The great thing about The Burned (which is really just Kurt Baumann's name for his solo project) is that it sounds like music Zach Braff might pick for a movie soundtrack, but darker. It's got an original edge to it that makes it far more interesting than the dainty indie rock most of us are used to.”

“It would be easy to say the debut album by The Burned is hot and why not? It’s an incendiary self-titled first effort by singer/songwriter Kurt Baumann featuring12 tracks of mesmerizing lyricism and melodies that assert that someone with enough talent and a burning vision can still tell a good story with a good song. There’s depth to Baumann’s songwriting as The Burned, carving out a place on music’s mantle where awards and accolades are sure to eventually settle.”

“We think we've discovered a favorite new artist”