The Burn Card / Press

“'Howl' consists of 5 songs that typify the bands raw, unadultered rock prowess”

“A Burning Desire: Local Rockers The Burn Card are taking Orange Rock to the Nation”

“The Burn Card Lighting the way”

“Burning ambition”

The Observer

"This Powerful band are growing from strength to strength, so its best to get on board now"

“An electric mix of old school rock and new industrial rock”

Nicole Kuter - Central Western Daily

“Always an admirable live performance”

Jon Carter - 107.5fm Orange Radio

"The heavy rock juggernaut - The Burn Card"

Central West Photo News

"From the ashes of some the town's (Orange) most talented bands comes a brand new powerhouse - The Burn Card"

Chris Bennetts - Central Western Daily