The Budrows / Press

“What makes a Rock and Roll band? A guitar? Drums? Vocals that make you nod your head? The Budrows prove that all that those limits set for Rock and Roll can be passed and ignored. With a uniquely made cigar-box guitar, vocals that take us back to what we know as the golden age of Rock and Roll , as well as a harmonica and flute sound that gives it the last finishing touches, The Budrows make you dance to the rhythm and blues of music.”

“Sure as molasses is slow, this band has the ability to transform any venue into a bonafide deep south juke joint, complete with a foot-stompin’, testifyin’ audience full of revelers having themselves a modern good time in an old fashioned style.”

“Spectators snapped their fingers and clapped along with the tunes. Tiny tykes couldn't help but dance along with the music.”

“I discovered The Budrows at Bandcamp.com where you can download their 8 song demo Whatcha Hear Is Whatcha Get for FREE.”

“The blend of Farthing's handmade cigar box guitar, kick drum and tambourine and Rivera's powerful voice, captures the sound of that "down home, front porch delta blues."”