The Bruce of Windsor Project / Press

“The Bruce of Windsor Project is an old-school guitar rock project led by Bruce David Loeffert of Hempstead. The act has released two critically acclaimed albums in the past four years.The Project’s last two albums, Rainbow Over The Rock (2009) and Last Of Windsor (2007), are now available at CDBaby.com. Fans who are enraptured with The Bruce Of Windsor Project’s melding of rock, R&B, funk, rockabilly, and classic rock will have to wait a bit to see the group live: “The band has chosen to remain a studio group until one of our songs gets picked up on a major radio station, in a film, or on a TV show,” reported Loeffert, an outstanding rock guitarist who also provides vocals. Loeffert is currently writing new songs for a third CD project. For More Information On The Artist: Log on to the BOWP website,”

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“All Three CDs are now available at www.ebay.com via seller id: Brucehitman 1). "Rainbow Over The Rock" Item#230376519710; 2)."Last Of Windsor" - Item#230294986803; 3) We Are One - Item # 232341150875”