The Brontide Effect / Press

“The band has a sound that is very pure and awesome. The songs flow nicely, hitting hard where needed and backing off nicely at times. There has been a lot of time, money, and energy put into making this album happen and it will not let you down. I honestly cannot compare the band to any others. Musicians are not out to impress or mimic anyone. They only want to express themselves, and The Brontide Effect has certainly done just that!”

“I met you guys back in October of 13' at a bar where Tyler was playing acoustic covers, you invited my buddy and I to your next concert at the black sheep about a month from then. When when I heard your songs for the first time it was more than awesome guitar riffs, drums and lyrics/vocals it was as if your songs were stories of my life. I'm proud to call you guys my friends, and honored to be your fan of the month January of 14'. Thanks guys! see ya at the next show!”

Evan Eason - Comment from a fan!

“The Brontide Effect is a hard rock band from Colorado made up of five men who just want to rock and do so well. “One of Those Days” sounds like something you’d hear on stage opening up for Three Doors Down. It’s got the rock scene written all over it in bold lettering. “Not Far Off” is that song when a rock band slows it down and puts more focus on the heart and soul of the song rather than the shredding and intensity — although The Brontide Effect still bring it here. “Invincible” picks things back up for the band and this is where the adrenaline comes in. So if your CD collection already has the likes of Three Doors Down and Breaking Benjamin, check out The Brontide Effect. (http://www.reverbnation.com/thebrontideeffect)”

“Finally a band worthy of getting my attention! I stopped listening to this genere a long time ago because it was all cookie cutter crap. This album is awesome. I am addicted to it and can not stop listening. The lyrics simple but true. The heartbeat of first drums then bass is riveting. I am looking forward to being able to buy their album. I hope album number two blows me away as much as "Fault Lines" does”

Pamela Yager - Post from one of our fans!!

“I received a signed copy of the bands yet to be released album “Fault Lines, and I have to say in all honesty it rocks. The lyrics simple but true, touching my heart, mind and soul and ringing so true to my life in so many ways. You can feel the love and the pain in the lyrics. The drums and bass set the heartbeat, the guitarist are awesome, and the vocals perfect. These 5 guys deserve a break, and I hope they get one. They have what it takes, and I for one am a true believer.”